Hola my pretty little chicas.

First off, soz if I seem a bit frazzled. A tad frantic.

It’s just taken me three whole hours to get back from work. Yup, I’ve become one of those commuters that shakes their fist and says ‘oh those Greater Anglia trains, why I oughter…’ It was a pretty dismal journey. There was even a guy that forced the doors open and jumped out like some kinda hooligan, and I wanted to cheer and whoop him.

I didn’t. Because apparently us British don’t do emotional outbursts, communication or even eye contact on public transport. Unless you’re drunk on the last train home. Then you can do all of the above AND share your maccy D’s with a stranger. Totes acceptable.

Anyhow, thought I’d do a wee update on all things Jade because I’ve kinda been out of the groove lately. And then beating myself up for being out of the groove, and that’s no good for no one.

When I went away camping (not last weekend, but the other weekend a few weeks back), a fellow camper was quizzing me on the whole blog writing thing. And when I was like ‘oh well I’ve been a bit busy recently so I haven’t done so much, so I’m thinking it’s had its day blah blah’. And then this fellow camper said something that was like an epiphany for me. He said something along the lines of ‘But why do you have to write blog posts constantly? Why do you have to post so much? Why don’t you just post whenever you want to post. It’s your blog.’


Wise words of advice, pal.

And then I spent the weekend mulling this over. I’ve spent some time away from social media. I’ve avoided doing so much on the blog. Such a simple and beautiful outlook on things. Why can’t I just write whenever the hell I wanna write? Well, I can, SO THERE.

To give you some context on this, the reason I had been punishing myself for not posting on the regular is because ‘profesh’ bloggers do tend to say that consistency is key, just like in any line of work. It helps grow your views and audience steadily. That’s the key to success.

But somewhere along this epic journey of blog creation, I lost sight that this isn’t my main line of work. This blog is actually my creative baby. My one true creative outlet. And  if people wanna read this stuff – GREAT. And if brands wanna work with me – GREAT. But I need to never ever ever ever ever forget that I do this because I flippin’ love writing. And not just any writing; writing that is totally me, honest, true and relatable.

So I’m gonna go do that now. Whenever I feel like it. So expect random outbursts of posts at any time people.

What do you guys beat yourselves up about? Are you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to achieve? Um well, my advice, is just don’t. Just go do what you wanna do. You so got this.

That’s my update. Also, less dramatic; I’ve been in my new job for 6 months and I haven’t punched anyone on the tube yet. So there’s that.

Probs posting another post today about a cute AF pink shirt dress, just to balance out the serious tone of this post. Don’t say I don’t treat ya.


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  1. Ami
    19th May 2017 / 4:29 pm

    I love reading your blogs. Keep doing what you are doing…it is great x

    • 21st May 2017 / 6:52 pm

      Best thing to log onto and read ever. Thanks hun. Means such an awful lot xxx

  2. 19th May 2017 / 6:23 pm

    I know exactly how you feel! I went through a phase of putting so much pressure on my blog when like you it isnt my full time job and i started it as a creative outlet for myself because i love to write! Now the pressure is off it’s SO much better! Same with social media, iLl go theough cycles of being really active on everything like at the moment and other times ill barely look at anything! All about balance 🙂 you do you boo x

    • 21st May 2017 / 6:53 pm

      Thanks Laura – so good to know it’s not only me feeling like this sometimes! xxx