So I’m on the train doing the usual but one of my best pals is sitting a few seats down. I’m having to resist the urge to start chit chatting over all the serious men in suits to her. So we’re passing smirks and whatsapp messages like we’re 14 years old in a maths class. Ridiculous.

Let’s talk March. I know this is a little late but I want to keep this post up. The sun is shining and each month brings hoards of good stuff. So why not celebrate it?

Here’s the stuff that made March sparkle.



At the beginning of the month, Primark decided that my bedroom was worthy of their IG and Twitter feed. In fact, they used the words ‘bedroom goals’. Say what? You talking about my bedroom with all the clothes everywhere? My bedroom that’s the size of shoebox? Apparently so.

I actually thought the photo they chose to share was pretty substandard but hey, 66,000 other people ‘liked’ it on IG so I guess it was alright.

And if all that love wasn’t enough, that one little post bought me nearly 600 new followers on Insta. Hello there, you lovely lot. You are all so welcome over here.

The power of social media eh? It never fails to blow my mind.

Ta for the love Primark.



Girls holidays and all the silly stuff that happens on them (getting lost on the way home from the bar and walking an extra 7000 steps before sunrise) – these are the things you remember for life.

Yeah it’s great to see all the sights; lake Geneva and all its sparkliness, the surrounding mountains, the crumbling old town. But actually, what you really remember is eating Macarons with your Partners in Crime in Laduree or sipping expensive plonc in buzzy wine bars talking deep into the night.

Haven’t taken a girls holiday recently? Take one. It’s good for the soul. And I’m not talking short skirts, shots and ‘the strip’ kinda holidays. Nah ah. Go somewhere to explore (and drink good wine, obvs).




I don’t remember being this excited about some form of entertainment since Making a Murderer or Suits. Like fo’ real, best commuting podcast everrrrrr. (Well actually it’s my first podcast, but it’s thrown me into a world where I can’t live without a podcast on the train anymore. Powerful stuff right?) 

It’s an investigation of a real life murder case that isn’t quite what it seems. It looks at the case from all angles which makes you at one point go ‘Oh yeah, he totally did it’ and then at other times go ‘well he must be innocent, right? Surely?’ And the American accents didn’t even get on my nerves one bit. I’ve been completely absorbed in it.

The phrase from a witness sums it up perfectly – ‘well if he didn’t do it, who the fuck did?’  (Read that back in a strong American accent).

Apologies for the swearing but y’know, just giving you a taster. Go listen. It’s gripping.


1950s HAIR

I actually had two fancy dress parties this month. I was in fancy dress overdrive. However, both were very different. The first one I dressed up in old school Hollywood glamour attire and the second I wore giant foam feet. Guess which one I preferred?

It was a fantastic excuse to go get my hair ‘did’. Love getting my hair all styled for parties because people always go ‘oh my gosh did  you do that yourself?’ And I’m like, ‘yeah, its nothing really…

Jokes, I would never lie. But it’s still nice to get all the compliments.

This style was put together by my long-standing hairdresser Vicky, at Edge Hair in Leigh-on-Sea. Proper good job right?



H&M are on fire ATM. I did a mini haul before Geneva and this pretty little thing was one of my top finds. It’s a classic white shirt, but wait wait waittttttt – it’s got eyelashes on the collar <3<3<3

Not only that, it has this super gorgeous cross over open back to make it even more of a cheeky find. You can’t get further away from ‘boring, white shirt’ than that.

You can find it here.

Did everyone see that H&M have launched their own Bridal wear range too? Yup, allllllll the raised eye emojis. Very interesting indeed.



I didn’t think I’d ever find other people that loved dogs more than I do. But the people I encountered at Crufts whilst working there were on a whole ‘nother dog level. Like WHOA that’s a lotta love.

And I’ve also never seen so many dogs, especially of the same breed, in one place at the same time. Like on the first day I went to the stock room and got completely lost in among a giant gaggle of long legged Irish Wolf Hounds. And then just as quickly as I was lost, I stumbled into a pen of large, wrinkly bulldogs – a gazillion of them. It was surreal.

Crufts completely consumed my life at the beginning of March. And the five days I spent there were exhausting, eye-opening, exciting and down-right interesting. What other event do you step foot into at 8am to be completely bamboozled by a troop of dancing dogs in Spanish attire?  Yup, that’s Crufts. And what other event can you pet 18429 dogs in one day and see mutts riding past in cars? Yup, Crufts.

Until next year, my friend.


How was your March?

Hope it was ace. Sending you alllll the happy vibes for April <3