And that’s another month gone in a blink of an eye.  Goodbye November 2016.
In fact, I’m a little bit late to the game with this one ’cause I had a birthday this week  & I’ve been a busy ol’ bee (I know I said I wouldn’t mention it again but y’know, I’m a big fat fibber).

November has been mainly about prepping myself for my big job move next week, daydreaming about Christmas and trying to work out who took the girls in ‘The Missing’. What a conundrum.

Here’s the things that made November a smashing month:


1. Pride of Essex Awards. On 22 November I was bursting with admiration as my Mum & my Auntie went up to receive recognition for all the charity work and fundraising they have done over the past 30 years.

If you don’t know ’em, they’ve basically been throwing kick ass charity balls & fashion shows since before I was born to raise money for a number of charities every year. I mean that’s pretty awesome right?

Not only was I proud of them, but I couldn’t get over some of the other award winners stories of the night. Some people are absolutely incredible – like really well and truly incredz and made of top notch strong stuff. It was such an inspiring and humbling evening to be a part of and it really was such a harsh reminder to never take anything for granted.

Mumma P & Auntie B – big ol’ thumbs up.


2. Saying ‘farewell’ to an ace bunch of people. I haven’t stopped nattering on about leaving work for everrrr whilst I saw out my notice period. But on Friday I actually did leave, proper like, with arms full of presents and cake and cards and maybe a few tears that I did a marvy job of holding back.

They were the most thoughtful gifts (all unicorn/GBBO/Dog related, obvs) and I feel so very lucky to have had the pleasure of working with them all for the past three & half years.

Now let’s move on before I shed a tear yeah.


3. Getting new glasses (and finally being able  to see again). Pretty self explanatory. I mean I haven’t bumped into any furniture for a good few weeks and people keep complimenting me on my new specs left, right and centre.

It’s feels so dam good to being doing less squinting and more reading. Oh and I can also do that thing that’s marginally sexy where you push the specs up your nose whilst talking. Lols.

Read all about my new Hazza Potter specs here and find out why they da bomb.


4. Discovering Chelmsford. My new favourite place to shop (and drink the best hot chocolate in all the land) has been found. Hello Bond Street, you sexy, suave little thing. All the flashy shops and the most ginormous John Lewis – move over Southend you are old news.

Oh and Bills, where you can get all the food and cocktails nom.

Read about it all here and find out why you need to take a trip for your Christmas shopping.


5.  BBC’s ‘The Missing’. It’s kept me on edge allllll month. I mean, who took them? Is it Alice or isn’t it Alice? Which time frame are we in right now? (Ah scars and shorter hair, I’m on it). And why is there such satisfaction in hearing Baptiste say ‘Sophie Gireux’ (Pronounced ‘ju-roo’ in a silky French accent).

It was a brilliant, fantastic, nail biting series. Good job. And they didn’t even muck up on the ending. It delivered.

Check it out on catch up if you haven’t already (and be armed with two Cadbury pouches for snacks – it makes for the best viewing). 


6. Getting Snazzy with Edge Hair. This month I worked with my very own hairdresser to bring you some Christmas hair looks. We had a ball – two creatives coming together and seeing what happens. The most fun.

So my fave look is the one with the wave at the front and IDK maybe I could learn to recreate it at home and have less shit hair at Christmas parties.

One can only hope.

Check out the post here and see what we got up to.


And that, my pretties, is my 6 ace things from November. I mean I didn’t even get round to mentioning the event I did at Tower Bridge Walkways or the flippin’ marvy Peacan pie I had from Stop the World. Or even the tassel earrings which have upped my sophistication level by about 20%.

I guess this November was a goodun.

Hope you’re all busy decorating your trees and getting festive. Have a fab week.

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  1. 5th December 2016 / 11:59 am

    I’m envious of your month you little busy bee! Good luck with your new job, exciting times!! I loved your Chelmsford post, Bill’s is amazing isn’t it!? I tried the buttermilk burger the other day and it was amazingggggg