I’m content. Today I got up in my own time, sipped on a M&S mocha, did a spot of shopping and stuffed my face with Nandos. I mean that’s the makings of a pretty good Sunday right?
I’m snugged up on the sofa reflecting on this month whilst Max plays FIFA in the background (there’s a spattering of swearing every so often, bless him). We’ve got a new candle burning (deffo a Christmas candle) and I’m thinking October *might* be my most favourite month.

Because what a month it’s been. There has been a truck load of hope & change & new chapters.

Check out my favourite things from October below.


1. ‘Hello’ new job & celebratory ‘Love Brownies’. I’ve probably told my ‘new job’ story about 20,000 times this month. I have it quite well rehearsed now and it rolls off the tongue pretty easily ‘Well I’m swapping students for dogs blah blah blah, ha ha ha, all the lols’. 

I still get the super excited butterflies in my tummy when I think about it though. Because this isn’t only the most exciting news of this month, but the most exciting news of the year. Period.

Read the full story here  *all the dog emojis*

And is there a better ‘well done’ present to receive other than a freshly baked batch of brownies left on my doorstep? Visit Love Brownies to find out more because seriously, we should all be taking advantage of this fabulous gifting service.


2. Miss Selfridge shout out. When Miss Selfridge decided to just casually use one of my OOTD photos across all their social media channels, I may have done a lot of jumping around my kitchen.

I ‘whooped’ a lot. Did a bit of dancing. Max looked worried.

To Miss Selfridge it was just a poxy photo of me prancing around (as per). To me, it was a small win in the world of getting noticed.


3. The most perfect chrome nails. I rarely get my nails done proper because I’m forever having to chop them back for netball. Sigh.

Sometimes I feel like a scullery maid. Woe me.

But this month I made an exception. I went and had my nails done at The Beauty Shed in Rochford. One minute she was chucking glitter onto my nails, the next minute she was buffering it off and VOILA; I suddenly had these amazing chrome nails.

It was like witchcraft, I swear.

Read about my full experience at The Beauty Shed here.


4. Hairclubin’ Ball antics. If you weren’t there, where the hell were you? You only went and missed the party of the year.

We raised just over £4,000 for The James Hora Trust at this years Hairclubin’ Ball by getting dressed up, getting our groove on & getting generous with our moneys.

It’s always my most favourite evening of the year by far because yes, I get to wear a fancy frock and get my hair & makeup done all sparkly, but also because it makes me realise how lucky I am. And how important it is to support those around you.

(I also like it because I get to see Max is a tux. He’s proper handsome in a tux). 

Read the full event highlights in my post here.


5. Pumpkin carving traditions. Whilst some of you were busy dressing up as sexy black cats & candy skulls, I was undertaking my annual Halloween tradition; pumpkin carving with my Dad.

When I was younger, I would do the design drawing and he would do the carving (always encouraging me not to make the designs too intricate as I penned on fancy swirls and different sized teeth lols).

Nowadays, it’s more like a pumpkin carving class in the kitchen as we both hack away furiously at our pumpkins in fierce competition. Dad outdid me this year. Drat.

See the finished results below. Oh and Milo wearing a wizard hat. Standard.

Seriously, one of my fave activities of the month. Can’t beat family time.

6. Flouncy Autumnal Primark shirt. Oh Primark, how did you manage to concoct the most perfect Autumn shirt for only a tenner?

I mean seriously, what a babin’ shirt. Appaz it’s also available in two other colours and I want them. Now.

You can read about that shirt and some other autumnal workwear in this post here.


Okay October, you’ve been a bit of alright. I’m ready for the C word now. Yup, roll on Christmas and all the scented candles, bad radio & knitted jumpers.

Have a great week everyone.








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  1. 31st October 2016 / 3:09 pm

    I seriously loved your nails!!! Also you and your dad are such cuties! lol x