I’m starting a new ‘thing’

You might have noticed (but you probably haven’t ’cause you’ve got actual lives) that I’ve phased out my ‘weekly faves roundup’ over the past few weeks.

THIS is what’s replacing it. A monthly favourites post. So basically a glorified version of my weekly faves; gorgeously good things from a monthly perspective.

So let’s get cracker lacking eh?

September has been ace. Here’s my favourite things from this month:


1. Supermarket finds.

Both Tescos and Sainsburys have taken me by storm this September by surprising me with some seriously great Autumn/Winter picks.

The first was a gorgeous little khaki bomber jacket from Sainsburys, spattered with symmetrical embroidery. The second, a leopard print long duster jacket from Tescos.

Didn’t they do well?

You can read the post on the Sainsburys bomber jacket here.


2. Freeport Braintree shopping trip.

Nothing beats a shopping trip. Except a shopping trip with alllllll the deals and alllll the bargains.

This month I was invited down to Freeport Braintree in Essex to experience their cut price designer and high street stores.

I picked up my beloved Adidas trainers and a few other gems that are fast becoming stand out items in my wardrobe.

Yay to bargain shopping. Serious yay to these cutie trainers.

You can read the full post here.


3. Primark neck tie shirt.

Primark are killing it with their workwear at the moment. I’ve actually just purchased another work shirt from there this weekend because um, £10 for a statement shirt is just unreal and I have zero self control on my shopping habit.

I’ve been wearing it with culottes and also layered underneath a pinafore dress which is looking rather cute if I do say so myself.


4. Kiehls products.

At the Intu Lakeside Blogger Event I attended this September, I was given some lovely sample products to try from Kiehls Cosmetics.

Lemme tell you summin; their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is dreamy & I’m 100% looking to invest in their Ultra Facial Clenser.

Also, if Santa could bring me some of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate that would be ace. (It smells like lavender & primrose oil and makes your face look like sunshine)

You can read about my experience of meeting with the Intu Lakeside Kiehls representative here.


5. Cocktails at The Royal Hotel.

Let’s just say, Friday afternoon was pretty darn hazy and I cannot wait to share my experience with you in a blog post coming next week.

Like seriously, everyone needs themselves a rubarbarama on a Friday afternoon to get the weekend started.

Check out my post next week for all the deets.

(And in the meantime, book yourself a table, ’cause it’s bookings only. I know right, swanky)


5. Posh kebabs at Sheesh.

All kebabs should be served up the way they were at Sheesh, Chigwell; with lashings of prosecco, garlic mayo & haoloumi cheese. Followed by live music, of course.

I was so very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed myself at the TOWIE glorified restaurant and bar this month.

I have neither fake hair nor fake boobs but it was a fab place to chill out and have an ace time.

You can read my full ramblings about it here.


September; you’ve been wonderful. Roll on toffee apples, roll neck jumpers & all the fireworks.

Have a great week gorgeous people.





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