So here it is. The blog post about our new abode.

6 months in the making and we finally get to sleep in a place we can call our own.

For anyone that doesn’t know (where have you been, under a rock?), Maxwell and I purchased a mega cute little bungalow back in July. You can read about that giant step here. 

It was super smelly and dark and looked like it hadn’t been touched in a gazillion years. It had outrageous carpets from another time and wallpaper that covered every inch of the place, including the doors. The whole place was stained with cigar smoke yuk yuk yuk.

The estate agents told us many viewers walked in and walked straight back out.

You can see some photos of it’s before state here.

Once upon a time it had been a very loved home, but it had clearly lost its sparkle somewhere along the way. It was a little sad. But we walked in and thought:


I know right, the stuff movies are made of.

So began the process of purchasing said house. And even when we got the keys in August, there was still the mammoth journey of actually turning this dingy bungalow into our home of dreams.

Luckily we are surrounded by a host of A-MAZING people who have given us this unreal amount of support along the way. I want to take this opportunity to thank every single friend and family member that has helped us achieve this goal. You guys are the best.

To the friends and family that helped us strip the place out – you are brave. Only way to describe it. Thank you for scraping off smelly wallpaper and ripping doors out, knocking down chimneys and walls and scraping off polystyrene ceiling tiles.

Only saints could do it.

To the friends and family that helped us put stuff back in – top people. Thank you for fitting our beautiful kitchen, laying our carpets, painting with us through the cold and generally making our pile of bricks look like a home.

You’re all ace.

Oh my gosh and all the people that bought us lovely stuff for the place. All the beautiful presents. You’re all way too generous.

Thanks to my work who put up with me looking and acting like a zombie for a few months.

Special big thanks to my Ma & Pa who have literally helped us project manage the whole thing. From budget sheets and booking the trades, from physical time and hours, you guys deserve a medal. Fo’real.

In the words of Coyote Ugly:

‘What do you do when all your dreams have come true?’

Um sit in my pants and watch Netflix every weekend ’cause I’ve now got zero moneys? Sleep for a million years? Never lift a hammer again?


So yeah, this is our pile of bricks. A very nice pile of bricks now too, if I do say so myself. And we’re incredibly proud of it.


Here’s our lounge. It’s very yellow. You cannot be sad about empty ASOS baskets when sitting in there.


This is the spare room. AKA my blogger space/work space. For when, y’know, I quit the day job and start taking on sponsored posts and freelance project management work.

Lolz. One can dream.


This is our teeny, tiny cupboard bathroom. It’s where I spend approx. 4 hours a day showering.

I have all my best ideas in the shower.


The Master Bedroom. 

A haven for all the big dreams we have.



And my fave space in the house. Our Kitchen/Diner.

For cooking up a storm, wild parties and late night chip feasts.


You know in this blog post here I said about that feeling. That overwhelming sense of achievement that everyone said we’d have when we finished?

Uh huh, we feeling it.

It was  hard to see at the time through all the painting and plaster and brick dust and OH MY GOSH THIS IS NEVER ENDING WHEN CAN I SLEEP.

But as I sit in our lounge right now I’m grinning because guess what?

We did it.



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  1. 2nd February 2016 / 7:56 pm

    What a lovely home you have! Your kitchen is amazing!!!! X

    • 2nd February 2016 / 10:02 pm

      Thanks Louise ☺️ I’m still having to pinch myself that it’s ours! X

  2. 5th February 2016 / 3:24 pm

    Beautiful!! Super jealous lol xxx