Monday’s really suck don’t they? My mascara wand broke off in the tube this morning, my car decided to overheat on the way to work and I have a hole in my tights. Where is my #MondayMotivation?


Little appreciation post coming up (cue insane amount of gratitude & cuteness in the form of big compliments).

Do you remember learning from this post here that running a blog is mental amounts of work? Yeah, well it’s probably no surprise then that this blog doesn’t run on ‘Jade Power’ alone. Nah ah. I mean, I wish it could run on pure determination and good intentions but the truth is it takes a lot more than that to make it all work. And guess what? There are tons of ace people giving truck loads of support to make this website tick over the way it does.

These are the people that keep me afloat in everything blog related (oh and life, because the two are pretty well entwined):



The patience of this guy is unreal.

The amount of hours we have lost as a couple because I’m busy editing/writing/prancing about in front of a camera is probably pretty substantial. I’m pretty sure he never signed up to be a blogger boyfriend but hey, I guess it could be worse. I could be addicted to crack.

Here are just a few wee examples of how he contributes massively to the smooth running of this website (and puts up with me as a pretty below standard girlfriend & house mate for the majority of the time):

  • I am ashamed to say that of a weekday morning, I have on a few occasions stopped him walking out the door to take an OOTD photo before work. (I’m trying to up my followers on IG. Gal gotta do what a gal gotta do, right?)
  • Picture this. We’re in a restaurant and our food turns up looking all sexy and yummy. And I’m like, ‘WAIT.’ *reaches for camera*. He has never ever moaned about having to wait a few minutes to eat whilst I just take that perfect flatlay shot of our food and meal setup. (I think there was one time when we were really hungover and he nearly snapped, but he resisted. What a saint)
  • He’s so well rehearsed on weekend blog writing time frames. He knows when I say ‘I’m just editing and tagging so probably be another 45 minutes before we can start enjoying the weekend babe‘ that it’s probably best to retreat to the lounge to hit up some xbox whilst I swear at my computer for 45 minutes. He gets it.
  • He somehow senses when I’m itching to get some new content (which usually requires going out somewhere fun and snazzy and picturesque). And he always comes up with ingenious adventures which means we can have all the fun together and create new content at the same time. What a babe.

This video here rings true. (And is hilariously funny so you must watch, obvs).

Basically, he’s the best.



Okay so it’s confession time.

Probably a third of the clothes you see on my blog come from my Mum’s extensive walk in wardrobe. And I don’t feel like I’m lying to you because my Mum’s clothes are my clothes. We have always shared everything, ever since I grew into a mini-me version of my Mother and decided that I didn’t want to wear baggy boy tee-shirts anymore. It’s kinda like a library system we have going on now I’ve moved out (checking clothes out and returning them within a set time frame, expect there’s no stamping)

Most stuff I feature from my Mum’s collection still has the tags in, which I think highlights my Mum’s amazing level of patience. I mean who really wants to share new clothes?

She is my personal stylist. Fact.

I usually run most outfit posts by her first and she usually alerts me of any upcoming trends. We make a great team, me & Mum.

Not only is she my ultimate style icon, but she’s also my last minute photographer. Like when Max is busy doing boy stuff (football/fishing/laying badger traps) I pick up the phone to my Mum and ask if she minds, y’know, just taking 3 hours of her day to shoot some new photos for the blog. She has never said no. Like ever.

Oh and she’s my biggest fan. She actually actively promotes my blog 24/7. She’ll be chatting to a shop owner and casually slides them my business card like the marketing pro she is.





I’ve made it zero secrets that I’m pretty poor with the technical side of things. And this blog would not be where it is today without the help of my secret computer whizz mate (who I won’t name because he’s kinda shy and no, I don’t want to share him).

I think if I was him I would have cyber-punched me in the face by now. I’m kinda needy.

When I have technical issues, I tend to send my computer whizz mate rambling long messages asking for help immediately, like the world will end if he doesn’t sort this technical glitch now. I’m basically really bloody demanding. And not once has the computer whizz ever turned around and said ‘look Jade, your silly little blog is not my problem‘. In fact, he usually replies in a timely manner with all the solutions, going above and beyond what a mate, who just happens to have computer skills, would do.

So yeah, cheers mate. Is this a good time to bring up that I’d like a site redesign? Lols.



I’m actually really crap at keeping up on Twitter and networking at blogger events, but I try my hardest to take interest in what other bloggers are up to. It’s important, because there are so many bloggers doing really great things.

I have different types of blogger love. There are the ones that inspired me to get into blogging in the first place and spur me on to keep doing what I love because wowee they are so inspiring (like Hannah Gale & Erica Davies who are my all time faves). And there’s those bloggers that support you on #FF and interact with you on Twitter like your best gal pals but you’ve never actually met in person yet (like HannahTalks, who I 100% will catch up with one day in person).

Blogging can sometimes be really stressful and many people really don’t understand how that can possibly be.

So basically, the blogging community makes me feel sane on days when I can’t stop stressing about a side bar. You know what I mean?



Obviously, this whole website would be completely redundant without you. The readers. The people that check in every week to see what I’m waffling on about. I’m still not 100% sure why you do it and if you’re all actually just made up cyber people or if you all actually exist but yeah whatever. I think it’s great that we can get on in this way.

To every person that takes the time to read/look at the photos/comment/like/share – thank you a million and one times over.

If I knew where all 5500 views were coming from every month I’d send you all little thank you notes and tokens of appreciation (that’s a bit of a lie because where the flip would I find the time?)

I think you’re all marvellous, whoever you are.


Hope your Monday’s been better than mine (I bet your mascara wand didn’t get stuck in the tube this morning, so you’re already winning)