Just returned from skipping around Battlesbridge Antiques Centre. Wtf. I’m excited about lawn, antiques & different varieties of flowers. What is life.

Anywho, I’ve made it through a mammoth week. I’m practically salsa dancing my way across the weekend with pure happiness. Scooping up antiques on the way.

And the sun has finally decided to show its face. I mean the government might be collapsing around our ears but hey, I’ve got a lovely glowy tan going on. What’s there to moan about.

I’m gonna get right to it. Here’s the things that have made my week top tip:


Who knew grass could bring such happiness?

It’s been a long time coming, what with the whole house renovation (read about that here & here). But we’ve finally cracked the garden into shape. A football pitch shape it seems. Look at those stripes. Blimey. How long doya reckon that’s gonna last?

We just picked up these dreamy Apple/orange crates which I’m gonna fill with herbs and pretty flowers. Pinterest worthy & all that.

I’m actually excited about gardening. Gimme all the hydrangeas & fairy lights. I might even buy some pink gloves. If anyone’s got any flower recommendations, hit me up people.

Max is drilling our antique bike to the wall as we speak (read about that purchase here). It’s a nail biting moment. Photos to come next week.



I made a mistake of epic proportions this week.

I *may* have washed my new burgandy skirt with a large amount of my white tops.

The outcome was horrific and I wailed over it for a full hour. Tragically, my white tops had turned a yucky pink colour and were in no fit state to be worn again. It was bloody awful.

Cue amazing boyf.

It was the best kinda surprise to come home to a lovely, neat H&M bag waiting for me, full of white tops of different styles. What an absolute babe.

Solving all my problems since 2008.

AND LOOK AT THE PINEAPPLE ONE HE PICKED OUT. It’s shocking how well he knows me.

You can find this snazzy number here. Come on, join the pineapple gang.


If you’re bored of cold salads then this ones for you.

It’s a recipe for an evening where you’ve got slightly more time on your hands, but it’s well worth the wait.

Oh and make sure you cook your fish with crispy, crispy skin. That makes it.

The broad beans, asapargus and spinach is like a little plate of goodness. A great mid week meal full of balance.

You can find the recipe for this baby here.


I love popping out for food and picking up clothing instead. Keeps life interesting.

Say hello to these wonderfully comfortable peg trousers from Tescos.

Easy to style for work or play and perfect for keeping cool this summer (yup, when it finally gets its bum into gear).

And the best bit? They cost £16.

Here’s them one morning for work when I had about 2 seconds before I needed to head out the door. So I took these whilst downing my espresso.

I also dressed them down for a BBQ yesterday with black lace up sandals and a black cami. Keeping things casual and simple.


I crashed through this week with a dash of glitter, sand, inflatable flamingos & pineapple bunting.

To cut a long story short, I threw a summer beach party for work on Wednesday and I had this fabulous festival glitter company come down to glitter up the faces of all our guests.

Because everyone likes glitter and it’s impossible to not enjoy an event with a bucket of sparkle on ya face.

If I ever get married, I think I want this available for all my guests. Flowers in our hair and sparkle on our faces, dancing bare foot into the night. So dreamy.

I can highly recommend these ladies from Wish Upon A Sparkle for any event that needs a lil summin’ special. Book up early for summer as they’re out and about on the festival circuit around the country.


Went to see a special film screening on Friday night at the beautiful Clifftown Studios in Southend.

It was special ’cause it was made by a local theatre group close to my heart & directed by some ladies with the biggest dedication and passion for acting.

After watching the film on Friday, I can’t reiterate enough how important I feel the arts can be for young people. It was ace to see the theatre full of such independent youngsters brimming with pride & confidence for the film they’d put together.

Get your kids off their computers & throw them into a studio. Get them using their imaginations. Get them communicating with others. Get them running around.

The film was a huge project; a massive feat. A huge well done to all involved. Incredible achievement.

If you’re looking for an acting school with more energy & enthusiasm than a Tasmanian devil, check out Cally Davis Drama in Leigh-on-Sea. The ultimate place for your youngsters to let off steam and learn top notch acting skills. You won’t find another place like it.

And that’s where all my smiles have come from this week.

Enjoy these last few hours before work kicks in people.

Happy Sunday you lovely lot.



  1. Sue
    11th July 2016 / 4:20 pm

    Great blog no peg trousers onlinE ?

    • 11th July 2016 / 4:30 pm

      I know Sue! I looked too so I could put the link in for you guys, but alas I couldn’t find it anyway. Sorry! I purchased mine direct in store, so maybe keep an eye out 🙂

      • Sue
        12th July 2016 / 4:51 pm

        Cheers jade x