Hasn’t it been a lovely day?

I mean yeah, I’m craving a bit of Autumn now but this is a great send off for summer today. Tallyho Summer, you’ve been a babe.

I wasn’t gonna write this post and then I realised that there’s been so many good things this week that need mentioning.

So check out all the things below that have been worthy of all the heart emojis this week <3<3<3



Oyster Creek Kitchen; combining two  of the most delicious things into one fabulously stylish cocktail.

Okay so not gonna lie, when I ordered it for dessert I was kinda expecting it to be this calorific, chocolate milkshake thing with some vodka added into the mix.

But nah ah. I was pleasantly surprised to be met with this glamourous little thing, dainty and completely smacking me in the face with alcohol.

It had this brilliant subtle chocolate flavour that was just right for an after dinner treat.

If you haven’t tried Oyster Creek Kitchen yet, do it. It’s along Southend Seafront, adorned with the prettiest of lights and serves flippin’ ace seafood.



So maybe I have the best boyfriend in all the world. But wouldn’t wanna gloat or nothing.

Look at this adorbs present he picked up from Waterstones for me this weekend. It makes my heart melt (the pencil case and Maxwell, naturally).

Um basically it’s pretty and it’s filled with double ended colouring pencils.

Had to make it onto the faves this week ’cause it’s as cute as a button.



On Friday night, I ventured out into the land of TOWIE for a gal pals 25th birthday evening.

Can I be honest? I was expecting a particular level of snootiness and an abundance of Essex wide boys. But actually, what I was met with was quite different.

Okay, so we did have to be buzzed through a gate to get in the car park and there was a ridiculous amount of luxury cars sitting in the car park that would have made my KA look slightly inferior. But I guess there’s nothing particularly wrong with that.

Here’s the things that gave it 10 gold stars in my books:

It had the awesome chilled out vibe and such a varied mix of people that there was literally zero pretentiousness whatsoever.

There was a live band upstairs. Like a whole band jamming out. They had this amazing lady that sung soul tunes throughout the whole evening which made me wanna throw my body around (dance). I wasn’t even properly drunk or anything so that’s pretty special.

THE FOOD WAS INSANE. Think posh kebab. I had a mixed lamb/chicken shish and it was laaaavly. It was all the food you wanna eat at a posh restaurant but you shouldn’t; Kebab, lashings of garlic mayo, stacks of haoloumi cheese and big fat chips.

So yeah, it might not be everyone’s cuppa but it certainly made for an excellent Friday night.



Events like this make blogging worth while. Bubbly, cupcakes, fashion and other bloggers who get me.

I had the pleasure of attending Intu Lakeside yesterday to talk all things A/W trends and meet some lovely brands too. It was a haze of giggling, talking body shapes and skincare and alllllll the things that are gonna make me a sassy fashionista this season.

I’m gonna be doing a full round up of the event early next week so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.




To finish off my spectacular weekend, we headed over to the park with the gang this afternoon to sprawl about in the sun. Picnic hamper full to the brim with cheese, ciders on the chill and a game of rounders (I was particularly rubbish at that today)

So bloody English.

So good to hang out with pals and do nothing but talk of future plans and graze on all the foods we shouldn’t.

But seriously, this is the stuff Summer’s made of. What a great way to send it off.

I hope you’ve all had a special day like me full of sunshine and pals.

Have a great evening everyone.