This is a double whammy weekly faves roundup coming atcha this week as I decided to shout about my fabulous Mother last Sunday instead. You can read that post here.

But  didn’t wanna let this slip ’cause I’ve been doing so flippin’ well keeping this post regular like, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s why the past two weeks have been so dreamy:




Centre Parcs makes me relax. It has this weird synthetic ‘you’re in the great outdoors, but not really‘ kinda vibe to it that really works for me.

It’s a place that I really feel like I can switch off. Go wild on the rapids. Cycle. Swim. Paint pottery (fo’ real, my fave activity).

And the best thing about CP is the way you spend time with people. Everything is about being with your pals. I freakin’ love the chalets because they are 100%  designed for groups, with their cute rooms and communal areas.

I went with a large group of loud ladies that I’m rather fond of to celebrate a special someone’s leap into marriage next month. It really was quite a memorable trip, only to be enhanced by the beautiful blue skies we had all weekend.

I would go back in a blink of an eye right now.

If you haven’t experienced CP yet, then  I would say you are missing out on one of the UKs treats.




Topshop strikes again.

Ever since I purchased a khaki knit from H&M I’ve been stalking about for more khaki items. Especially as this colour goes wonderfully with my pink Activé Pop watch.

Enter this Khaki Twist Front Shirt Dress which  has a wonderful air of cool about it.

So yeah, it looks ace with my new RI boots, but I’m also dreaming of sunnier skies where I can dress it down with sandals and a denim jacket.

Great transition piece into Spring.

And it was only £36.

Topshop Twist Front Shirt Dress (36) 





Now this may look like your average Mediterranean tray bake.

But lemme tell you something people, this was rustled up from leftovers in the kitchen, it has THE most babin’ marinade AND it tasted like heaven.

So thought I’d share with you because it’s healthy and I know you guys sometimes like a wee bit of health inspo.

Cut some veg into chunks (sweet potato, corgette, pepper) and chuck in a tray. Sprinkle with dried garlic, salt & pepper.

In a bowl, mix up olive oil, mustard, honey, lemon juice, garlic, paprika, cayenne pepper, dried chili flakes & salt and pepper. Smother this all over the chicken and rest them in the tray too.

Bake for around 30 mins in the oven and VOILA dinner is served.





Well done George @ Asda, you’re on top form.

This is what happens when I’m let loose like a goose to choose a new duvet set. And in fairness, the duvet shopping spree starting with all good intentions. A work pal of mine tried to steer me towards really sensible choices ‘how about the white set with the grey border Jade?

Um, how about the cat/mermaid set that gives me all the smiles?

Yes please.

I wasn’t expecting George to be so on point. They even had an amaze llama print cushion with pom poms that I was very close to buying. But alas, our home cannot fit any more cushions in. Boo.

‘Purr-maid’ duvet set (£12)






AH MY GAWD I think this could be my buy of the year. And it’s only flippin’ March.

So I saw on Hannah Gales post here that Primark are dropping their Spring Collection, and I spied this lush tan mac for a mere £14. Now I know plenty of people wander into Primark and find all these fab items, but let me tell you something; that is not me.

I’m never that lucky soul. I never find what I want it there, come what may.

But as I strolled into Primark this week, THERE IT WAS. Just resting on the rail, ready for me to take home and love unconditionally.

Today, a dear friend of mine asked where it was from and before I had a chance to answer she uttered the sweet question ‘Burberry?’

Serious lols.

So here’s my suggestion:

Get to a Primark near you now and check out their new Spring Collection.




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