I’m sitting in the garden. We have Elvis on full blast, a glass bottle of Coca Cola in my hand and I’m perched upon a deck chair. Pretty ace Sunday, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve just spent the majority of the day skipping around garden centres and planting stuff, like a proper adult.

And now it’s time to share my happy moments of the week with you:



This slinky, awkward guy came to stay this weekend. Yeah, like he literally just turned up on my doorstep with a teeny, tiny suitcase clasped in his claws, asking for a place to crash.


Not really, but he has been here for a sleepover the past two evenings and I love having him around *all the heart emojis*

I can completely vouch for all that research about dogs having a calming influence on people. I’ve been so laid back this weekend, I’m practically horizontal.

We’ve walked together (miles & miles), we’ve played together and we’ve sunbathed together. And yes, I’m an irresponsible dog sitter ’cause I forgot to sun lotion his white bits and he *may* have got a tad sunburnt yesterday.

Yes, a dog that gets burnt. It’s a big wtf.

It’s only when a dog comes to stay that I realise how much I miss having a fur baby around; the clip-clopping on laminate floor, the most excellent welcome homes and the needy, needy attitude of these four legged guys.

But George goes home tonight. So I’ll go back to googling ‘rescue lurchers and whippets Essex’ and wishing oh so bad that I could go give one a home.

George has his on Instagram account, obvs. For way cuter photos than I’ve posted on here, go give him a follow.




To everyone that was all like ‘um why are you putting a bike on your wall?’

This is why. It’s hipster. Duh. And pretty. Duh.

Maybe it’s an acquired taste, but we’re super stoked to have our own bit of Budapest in our back garden.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of time it took to get this thing up there sitting pretty. Good work Maxwell & his team of loyal garden goblins.

Oh and fake grass on the wall too.

Basically, we had some ugly unfinished rendering behind it which needed to be covered up. So yeah, why not plaster fake grass across it. I’m a creative solutions kinda gal. And appaz it’s all the rage in Europe.



Looking for something naughty but nice that doesn’t involve a gram of gluten? Here’s a recipe idea for you.

Often people struggle with the concept of no gluten for breakfast. No crunchy nut, no toast, no fried egg sandwich – people always fall at this hurdle.

But breakfast is your most important meal. Do it bloody well, people. Don’t skip it. Don’t settle for a banana. Don’t breakfast on coffee.

This recipe is for weekend breakfasts where you want something a lil bit special. Dippy eggs with pancetta wrapped avocado soldiers.

Find the recipe here and try it yourself.





I almost burst with excitement when I heard this was coming out. I then did burst with excitement when a squirtle appeared on my keyboard at work and I had to catch it. I mean seriously, childhood dream come true and all that.

So I’ve spent the last few days getting my Pokemon master on and I must say that I think the concept of the new game is bloody brilliant.

Okay, so the serious technical glitches are a tad annoying, and the fact that all the places you think you’d catch tons of Pokemon (the woods/the park) are actually complete dead spots is a little strange. And yes, it drains your battery like a mudda trucker and I’ll probably be paying tons in data charges next bill date. But on the whole, it’s a brand new type of digital game that actually makes people get off their arses in order to do, well, anything.

A video game that encourages exercise. Marvellous.

It brings back the best memories of my pink colour game boy and endless hours of wandering through long grass to catch a pikichu. If you’re a 20 something and you haven’t downloaded the game yet for pure nostalgia reasons, what is wrong with you?

I better bloody catch a jiggly puff this week, that’s all I’m saying.

Oh and if anyone was wondering, I’m on Team Mystic (blue). And yes, I’m gonna be a master of my own gym within a month.



So from Pokemon to herb garden. Wow, what a contrast.

I’m a herb whore. Lols. I load up all my cooking concoctions with tons of the green stuff. Herbs can completely transform a meal.

I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs and vegetables. I mean I’d love to have a whole vegetable patch with chickens and cows and sheep and be completely self-sufficient. But I don’t live on a farm, and we don’t have the time and I don’t even own a pair of wellies. So I’ve scaled down my dream to one small herb garden for now.

Last week we picked up some beaut crates from our local antique centre, and today I loaded one of them up with soil and planted my first herb plants. Chives, mint, parsley, rosemary & thyme. Still got some more to pick up but I can’t tell you how happy this teeny, tiny herb garden makes me.

It’s one small step in my self-sufficient pipe dream. If anyone wants to buy me a goat I’d be all over that.

Enjoy these last few hours of Sunday everyone.

Peace & love.