I’ve been in a constant haze of prosecco hangover this weekend. So please excuse any mistakes/rambles/sudden outbursts.

The usual.

This week has been grand. The sun has shone all week, I’ve caught 4 clafairies & a jiggly puff and I’ve been invited to a special blogger event next week which I’m totally over the moon about. More about that coming up on Thursday.

Not to mention the adventure we booked on Tuesday *jumps up & down with excitement*

I’m just gonna get on with it. Here’s all the gorgeously good stuff that happened this week:



My Pokemon catching had taken me into the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Basildon on my lunch break. Y’know, standard.

And nothing can sway me from my Pokemon game other than shopping.

I abandoned my hunt for a slow poke as soon as I stumbled across these cuties in the sale. I’ve been on the look out for a pair of espadrilles for a wee while but never actually found anything that I loved (well actually, my bank balance hasn’t allowed me to buy diddly squat these past few weeks).

These ticked two boxes. They were espadrilles and lace ups. So win/win. And the cherry on top was the price tag; £4.


Typically, these aren’t online. But these mint green espadrilles are. Lush.




We had a lazy Saturday, mooching round Chelmsford and building a BBQ. It’s a miracle when I actually have time to prep food ahead for the evening, but Saturday was one of those days.

I’m a huge burger fan. One of my most fave burgers was at this scuzzy pub I used to work at; a lamb burger topped with a fried egg and served in a wrap. It was lush, despite the crappy kitchen it came from.

So I thought I’d recreate a GF version for our tea.

You can find the recipe here.

I used a GF wrap and served it with Greek salad and baked sweet potato. Oh and I also threw together some chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate drizzle melon.

We then sat on deck chairs in front of an open fire drinking champers all evening.

It’s fair to say Saturday was leisurely.





M&S you sly dog, look at you creating this sassy little number. Not a sign of ‘playing it safe’ in sight.

This was actually a present. It came to my door bundled up with a tag that read ‘Saw this & thought of you. Hope you like it’.  

It’s such a special feeling to know that in amongst somebody else’s shopping trip, they stopped searching for that perfect jumpsuit/frilled blouse/pineapple sliders to think; ‘Hey, y’know what? I bet Jade would really like that. I’ll get it for her.’ 

It’s just so very thoughtful. Why am I not more like that?

And they were right; I love it.

Team this with a red lip, strappy sandals & a small clutch. Outfit check.

I’ve just had a browse through the M&S website to link through for you. Can’t find this blouse, as per, but this is a seriously cute alternative.



At any bum moment this week, I’ve been able to screw my eyes shut and remember that Max & I booked flights to Sardinia this week. And that makes it all better.

And this isn’t your usual trip. There are no fluffy white towels or fancy hotel buffets in sight. You can get the full downlow is this post about adventure here.

Basically us, a kayak, a tent & some deserted beaches.

Just gotta get through the next few weeks.


A lovely little bag of goodies turned up on my doorstep this week.

My local Arbonne representative dropped round some products for me to try which I’m really excited about.

Arbonne products are naturally inspired, botanically based & vegan friendly; something that I can really get on board with.

Next week I’m gonna be trying out some of these products along with some vegan recipes (I just went and bulk bought a shit load of veg). Check out the post in two weeks time to find out what I’m making of the vegan lifestyle.

In the meantime, roll on all the Arbonne sea salt baths & herbal tea. Can’t wait.



Happy Sunday everyone. Drink Pimms, scoff BBQ food & pretend Monday’s aren’t a thing.