I’d like to tell you that this weeks been full of flowers and rainbows. But in fact, this weeks been an uphill struggle.

I continued last weeks theme of illness the whole way through this week with a face littered with cold sores (post coming up next week), Britain has decided to break up with its bae Europe and I broke a girls fingers playing netball. Soz.

But ever the optimist, I still like to find things that have attempted to raise a smile this week. Here are those few wee things:



Say hello to my new sassy shades.

I’m always in the market for a new pair of sunnies, so when I mooched into H&M this week to return some bits and pieces, I left with these cateye beauties.

New sunglasses give an update to any outfit. Hurrah.

And at a mere £7.99 who could say no, right?

Shop them here.


I voted. I had my say. My voice has been duly noted.

And no, perhaps things didn’t quite go the way that I’d hoped (along with 45% of the country) but I still had an opportunity to offer my opinion. More than women had 100 years ago.

That deserves a high five and a celebratory glass of prosecco alone, right?

But one of the things I’m most pleased about is that it got young people talking about politics and the current issues that are actually going to affect our future. Yes, the constant Facebook rants may have been painful but hey, at least it’s bringing political issues to light. It shows people care. There’s some passion there.

I talked politics with my family, I researched long and hard about the referendum argument and I had some fantastic debates in the office. One of which actually swayed me to vote the way I did.

What I’m trying to say, is that it was nice to see young people actually peeling themselves away from their iPhones to engage in political debate and to engage themselves in current issues.

Go young people. Woo.



Look at this cute little stripy number. A new addition to my wardrobe, proudly sitting snug between my culottes and maxi dresses.

I’ve dressed it down here (‘cause gal got no where to go), with converse and a white tee layered underneath. But lemme tell you, with killer heels and zero tee this baby is ready for a really good night out.

It has a lovely V back and wrap dresses are super flattering on everyone. Mainly because you can loosen or tighten up as much as you want. Handy for those days when you’ve scoffed too much mint choc chip ice cream (ahem, me today).

Shop the wrap dress here.




What better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon other than ogling  exotic coloured classic cars, watching fabulously dressed folk jive & eating a picnic whilst listening to a rock ‘n’ roll band. (Electric harmonicas and a treble bass included, uh huh).

If you’re local, then you probably know about the Pure Nostalgic Classic Car Show & Vintage Fair at The Lawns in Hockley. It was my first time today, and I’ll certainly be back.

I scoffed ice cream and drank G&Ts, cooed over all the dogs and wished, oh so wished, that I could dance that dance.

In fact, I might have to book myself some lessons at Mr Dickie Bows Retro School of Dance ’cause I wanna be part of the cool gang. (Does attendance at class instantly get you one of those retro outfits?)

Relaxed in a big way today. You can’t beat a Sunday like that.





So with my usual PT on holiday (how the flip dare he?) I’ve been left a little un-exercised these past two weeks. I mean just as well, what with the cold etc. But still, I’ve been feeling a bit bleugh.

So when my Mum whatsapped in to invite me to a stretch class at hers I was all over it. Besides, stretching would open up my lungs and maybe help me breath better through this hideous cold.

Yoga matts at the ready, JW Personal Training led us through a series of strengthening exercises and stretches all from the comfort of our own garden.

An hour later, and I was feeling a little less bleugh and a little more back to my old self. It’s amazing what something as simple as stretching out and paying attention to the body can do.

I know for some people, heading down the gym can be a bit daunting. So if you’re looking for a mobile PT (who also give’s ace sports massages) then check out JW Personal Training FB page here.


So lovely people, that sums up my week. Hope yours has been more dazzling than mine.

Hands up, who needs a holiday?

Have a great week everyone. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

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