IT’S BACK. Remember this little post that I do every Sunday?

I know, I missed it last week and replaced it with a style one but HEY it’s back again. Like to keep you on your toes.

Just cracked open some Pana Chocolate Mint (Raw vegan chocolate) and I’m in heaven. Like I might have to go and just lay down for a bit it’s that good. Or I might have to go lay down ’cause it cost £3.50 for a small bar. Ouch.

Worth it though, promise.

Anyway, here’s all the things that have made me feel like I’ve got the golden snapchat crown on my head this week:



I had genuine fidget bottom excitement over the return of GBBO on Wednesday. I willed my work day to go quicker so I could dash home and create the best possible evening for the first episode.

In complete and utter celebration of my fave programme, I even took the time to bake a little something myself. It seemed appropriate.

Also, my dad has given me a super stock of plums from his tree in the garden and I wanted to put them to good use. So plum cake it was.

I had a teeny weeny bit of GF flour mix left so I made a teeny weeny loaf cake. It came out looking dandy. I mean, I felt as though I should have been on the bake off myself. I gave myself star baker and sat down with a cuppa to watch the opening episode.

Selasi is my favourite to win, Benjamina a close second (but girl you need to toughen up) and where the flip did they find that Val? Adorable and sassy like your kooky great aunt, but could be a closet serial killer. Who knows.

This years GBBO has potential. Gimme more cake and more terrible puns.


I fulfil the ultimate blogger cliche by being 101% obsessed with prints. Especially prints with quotes plastered all over them, telling me to be an empowering sassy lady.

There’s something about a quote plastered on the wall that gives a room a personal touch and a little cheerful lift.

So when my pal started her handwritten greeting card business I jumped on the chance to use her skills to my full advantage.


This cutie is hand written (like freestyle, no stencils or nothing) and it was posted to my door within a matter of days. I taped it up and voila, it’s been giving me smiles all bank holiday weekend.

Just to get a little pet peeve out of my system;

There’s nothing I hate more than clintons cards. WHY IS EVERY CARD FULL OF THE SAME DRIVAL. No, I don’t want to send my Mum a poem with a rabbit on the front and no, a card with a cartoon badger about farting isn’t really that funny.

I like my cards to be simplistic and bold in design. And I wanna be able to say what I wanna say. Not what some card designer from God knows where thinks my Mum will like to hear.

Daisy does bespoke cards for all occasions and will personalise them for you any which way you want.  Oh and it’s £2.50 a card including P&P, so there’s that.

Just send her what you want and she gets it sorted. She’s like the greeting card fairy.

You can find Quill & Ink on FB here.


Oh pretty beach waves, you my bae.

I got my hair done all pretty this week at Strangeways Hair Salon, Leigh-on-Sea.

I only really go to the hairdressers if I need a cut & colour, but it was so nice and refreshing to visit and have a blow dry and style. Felt like a proper treat to my hair.

I’ve been using the System Professional products I was given and oh mumma, they so good. My hair smells flippin’ ace and it’s super, super soft and shiny. I’m not much of a hair care kinda lady but this stuff has been laaaavly to use this week.

You can read my full roundup of the blogger event at the salon here. It’s been rather popular in stats this month, so be sure to give it a read.




I had a Friday evening on my lonesome which between you & I was quite heavenly. You can’t quite beat a night in on you own, eating things you wanna eat, drinking wine you wanna drink and watching TV you wanna watch.

This is a sexy salad. A cheeky Friday night salad.

And here’s how you can make it yourself;

Chuck sliced aubergine and red pepper on a hot griddle pan. Whilst this is cooking, make your dressing. Mix together yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil & chopped mint.

Slice up your tomatoes and mozzarella. Once your aubergine and peppers are cooked, lay them on the plate. Top with tomatos and mozzarella and sprinkle with rocket salad. Spoon over your yogurt dressing and you’ve got yourself a little plate of serious goodness.

Try it yourself. If I don’t explain it so good, you can also find the full recipe here.


It was payday on Friday which means I need a new nail polish colour in my life.

I’m welcoming to my collection ‘PITSTOP’ by BarryM. It’s like a grey shade.

And just to note, this range of ‘quick dry polish‘ by BarryM is the nuts. It actually does quick dry and it’s super easy to apply. It makes even a div who can’t do nails look slightly pro.

So there we go.

Hope you’re all enjoying undercover Sunday that’s actually a secret Saturday today.

Drink prosecco & BBQ until your hearts content.

And stay sassy.