‘I don’t care if Monday’s black, Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack, Thursday never looking back, Friday I’m in love…’
A little tune to sum up the week. And omg if you get a chance listen to the Janet Devlin acoustic version of that song, please do. Beaut.

So yah, week full of beach sized & 60 piece orchestra problems. That’s not even an metaphor either. But when FRIDAY hit, despite the cracking headache, I was ready to recharge the batteries and be ace.

Max tried to persuade me to write a ‘weekly gripes‘ post instead, but nope I will not stoop that low.

Smiles all round and here’s the things that have kept me falling into a black hole this week:


141 Insta likes. I mean, I hate to measure my life in likes like a loser but come on. That’s a lotta likes for one little outfit.

For me anyway. I know y’all instagrammers over there are rolling in your 28462 likes but whatever. Don’t take the small victory from me.

Anywho, I floated through Thursday in this number and not even working late could make me feel glum.

I picked the skirt up in the H&M sale for £15. Could it go down as my purchase of the year? Maybe.

Can’t find it online I’m afraid. But there’s a seriously cute metallic look one here.


Does anyone else pick their nail varnish based on the name of it?

I went on the hunt for a nail varnish this morning that was gonna propel me into next week with positive vibes.

I picked up this mauve number which channels laid back chic vibes. It’s also named ‘Personal Best’ which is exactly what I’m striving for next week.

Got an event to smash. Gotta be on form. Gotta be at my ‘Personal Best’ 

*Sassy emoji*


We popped  into see Max’s family this Saturday around midday, lunch a-flowing, bread rolls a-flying.

Max’s nan looked pretty horrified that I didn’t and wouldn’t eat bread.

What do you eat for lunch then?’ She genuinely looked pretty worried for me. Bless her.

And I know this is a daunting thought for anyone looking to cut wheat out their diet. But there’s plenty of other fresh lunch ideas to replace the classic sandwich.  Like this cucumber maki crab roll concoction.

It’s full of freshness. My best friend avocado. Spring onion. White crab. Yogurt. Cucumber. Perfect summer lunch and takes about 10 mins to whizz up.

It’s a Hemsley & Hemsley recipe. Go try it. Find the recipe here.


What doya do when you’re struggling to keep above water financially?

Go buy yourself a unicorn fund purse and laugh in the face of your bank account. That’s what.

If you need cheering up as much as I do about the giant hole in your bank account, you can pick yourself up a unicorn funds purse here.


M&D standing for Mothers & Daughters. Obvs.

There’s no better way to shrug off the work stresses of the week than buckets of prosecco, hoards of Italian food, crisp cocktails and your M&D gang.

We headed out to Irmas on Friday in Leigh-on-Sea. I had myself a babin’ bowl of GF pesto pasta with peas & parmasan and a side of belly laughs with these ladies.

After, we slipped into the Black Cat – Leigh-on-Sea’s worst kept secret cocktail bar. Fo’ real, like you used to have to have a password to get through a secret door into the bar. Sneaky squirrel like.

Nowadays it’s less secret, but the cocktails are so on point it’s ridiculous.

Go try yourself an Ameretto Sour. Dare ya.

Thanks to the M&D gang for reminding me that the world isn’t going to end because of 4 tonne of sand. You da best.

P.s. The night was as blurry as the photo below. Lotta love there.


Hope your week’s full of sunshine and sparkle. Hope you’re all striving for your ‘Personal Best’ too.

Have a good one you lovely lot. Oh and subscribe below.