Hey chickeroos.

As I’m writing this, I’m tucked up all snug in my childhood bedroom surrounded by floral & stripes & white, white, white. I’m willing Milo the TT to sleep at the end of my bed but he’s a terribly independent pup.

Staying the night in Withrington Heights is a bit like staying in a hotel. Cor I had it good. This ensuits as big as my bedroom.

I gotta be up at 4.30am for a  bootsale. Yup, I’m hardcore. Make that money rain people.

But let’s get on with it.

This week has been all about doing blogger  business, pokemon hunting and finding all the 10472 outfits that I can style a choker with. Hell to the yes.

Check out the bloomin’ beautiful things of my week  below:



Yup, the one that featured in this little style post on Tuesday.

I said it then and I’ll say it now. I never thought I’d see me in one of these. I mean, I’m not a death metal kinda gal.

But heck, here I am with a choker round my neck having a whale of a time. Seriously though, it really updates an outfit. Try it.

I’m channeling 90s like I’m a presenter on SM:TV.

This little cutie’s from New Look but Asos has also got some fab designs too.



Oh sweet baby Jesus.

The cocktails at this joint are the stuff dreams and unicorns are made of. They make the top 5 of my cocktail drinking experiences (which really is a blog post I need to write).

Situated in the middle of hipster Shoreditch, Beach Blanket Babylon serves  babin’ cocktails and what looked like glorious food too. The perfect place to pit stop when you’ve been shopping at Boxpark. Which FYI – I didn’t buy a single thing in. Well done me.

I had ‘A Walk In Shoreditch’ & an ‘Eye Candy’. Both of which were flippin’ sweet & alcoholic in all the right ways. I mean, all cocktails should come with fizzy sweets balancing on them right?

Watch out for Tuesday’s post where I’m gonna be doing a roundup of my London adventure.


I’m supposed to be spending zilch this  month ’cause of the fancy pants holiday we’ve booked. But ‘spending zilch’ is near on impossible when I’m working close to the high street.

I got paid on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon I’d found myself in H&M looking for something adorable to wear for a blogger event the following day. Oops.

I  picked up these sassy black denim dungerees and a stripey scoop back body. Also a cute little pale pink clutch. I have zero regrets about it.

These little honeys are perfect for creating a laid back look.

(I haven’t really got a great photo of these purchases. I’ve just returned from the bootsale, grubby, tired & slightly hormonal. You won’t be getting a photo, nah ah. Soz not soz)



Yay for eclectic home wear. Yay for banishing the dull & inviting a flurry of print and pattern into our homes.

Wednesday evening I attended the exclusive preview of the new HomeSense Chelmsford. You can read about the evening here.

It was the best way to get over hump day Wednesday. I came home with a very large bag of HomeSense goodies and a giant smile on my face.

What’s not to love about pom pom cushions and Aztec print pots?



So last week I told you guys I’d be trying out a selection of vegan products & vegan food all this week. And I’ve done just that.

The full post on this is coming out next week, but thought it deserved a little mention as it’s really dominated my time this week and it’s had a fantastic effect on my outlook towards food.

The recipes I tried were top notch and will certainly be making it through to my weekly repertoire of weeknight dinners. It taught me that I probably don’t need meat at every god dam meal. It also taught me that I can certainly save money on my weekly shop just by using up store cupboard ingredients and leftover vegetables

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things I made. As I said, full review coming up next Thursday.





And that, my Sunday Funday friends, is the list of goodness from this week.

I’m gonna hit the hay (and maybe inhale a pizza).

Have the best Sunday evening and an even better Monday morning full of coffee and zero moany people.