WEEKLY FAVES ROUNDUP | 4 September 2016

Hello September, you sexy beast you.

You’ve crept up fast, haven’t you? One minute we were stuffing our faces with BBQ food, the next it’s tipping it down with rain and people are talking about the C word (Christmas, not the rude one, obvs).

This week hasn’t been plain sailing. But here’s the things that have been filled with sparkle:



If you read my style post here on Tuesday, then you will know that I spent the first half of my week hiding away on Mersea Island with my Mum and Milo the TT.


Bliss to get away and not actually do anything. Apart from adult colouring in, taking blog photos, hanging out with my Mum, drinking vodka OJs and getting locked out the campervan (because omg I may have bent the key by accident which caused a few moments of mega panic across my Mum’s face). 

We used to head down here every year as kids. The beach huts may have changed (they’re now all uniform and pretty coloured), but the general atmosphere of ‘let’s do nothing but eat sweets and relax’ is still exactly the same.

There were no sandcastle competitions, mind you, but I’ll let it slide. There were plenty of Milo cuddles instead.


Hands up, how many of you take a million and one photos on your smart phone and treasure them endlessly but never actually get any of them printed?

Yah, I’m part of that gang too.

And if my phone did something awful and suddenly decided that it no longer wanted to be my iPhone anymore then I’d be genuinely upset if I lost all my photos.

I rarely back up and I’m always running out of memory.

So when my friend suggested the photo printing app Freeprints I was all like ‘hell to the yeah’ that sounds ace.

I paid £3 for around 27 photos, including P&P. The idea is, that you get 500 free prints a year (45 per month). You do it all from your phone; choose the photos you want and in which size and then click ‘order’. They were posted through my door in around 3 days.

Perfect. I can now print photos on the go.


Neckerchief’s are a bit of a thing, don’t you know.

They’re totally trending right now and I wanted in. So I picked myself up one of these red classic neckerchiefs from New Look at the beginning of the week.

I then proceeded to lose it on the first day of wearing it (classic Jade)  and had to buy another one yesterday.

But I don’t care. I love it. It’s completely updating my looks left, right and centre and adds a pop of colour to any outfit.

You can get yourself one here.



Today I spent the day gleefully shopping at Freeport Braintree with my Mumma. I’ll be doing a shopping haul post early next week so be sure to check in to see all the babin’ things I picked up (like seriously, pastel Adidas trainers and  everything). 

But any ways, more on that next week.

Right now I’m nursing the most roundest, happiest food baby. About an hour ago Mum & I nipped into Wildwood to recharge our energy levels with all the food we could get our hands on.

I’m not too familiar with Wildwood but oh Mumma, I’ll be going back again.

We sipped on delicious passion fruit bellinis and both enjoyed seafood packed dinners; me, the risotto, my mum the spaghetti.

YES Wildwood, thanks for finishing off my weekend in absolute style.



I never do ‘un-faves’. It’s not my thing. That’s not the point of this post.

But take a look at the below.

You know our garden that Max has spent all the time in the world getting bang on perfect? Yeah well, appaz we have badgers. And they have totally different ideas for our garden.

They want to massacre it.

So, so bad that we have to laugh or we’ll cry.

Any ideas of how to politely move badgers on? Chuck em my way.

Have an awesome week everyone.


  1. Sara
    4th September 2016 / 8:34 pm

    Love this post jade, def going to sing up for Freeprints ?
    As for the badgers i Heard Lion Poo!! You may have to take a trip to Colcherster zoo though, well thats another blog for you
    Failing thst i also heard human urine is a deterant. Good luck with that xxxx

    • 5th September 2016 / 9:45 am

      Sara this comment made me chuckle so much!! We will try and get hold of some lion poo then haha xx