This blog post is something that I SHOULD make a weekly thang. I mean, most bloggers do it. And I guess, if anything, it’s a nice way to reflect on all the lush things that have happened in a week.

Be thankful and all that jazz.

I’m typing this on a Windows surface that was leant to me for Iceland. I should probably give it back. I should probably stop pretending it’s mine. I should probably start saving for my own Apple Mac.

Anyways, here’s the things that have  made me smile this week:


When I find a place that serves proper smoothies and gluten free products my heart does a little happy dance. Whoopee.

And this little gem in Southend does it proper and it’s local. So top points.

Yesterday I picked up their green smoothie which was a cheeky combination of avocado, almond milk, spinach, banana and cinnamon. Heaven in a plastic cup uh huh.

I also tested out their jerk chicken GF toasted wrap which certainly hit the spot. I almost rounded things off with a slice of GF cake because OH MY GOSH THEY  DO THREE DIFFERENT TYPES. Almost unheard of in the GF world.

I resisted. Next time I’m buying all the cake. You wait.

They’re based in Alexandra Street in Southend and you can follow them on Instagram using: pulp_kitchen


£15 in the ASOS sale. Need I say more? Enough to make a girl smile for the whole month, let alone a week.

Oh and I wore them to an 80th birthday party last night, because what else would I wear on my feet to an 80th apart from sky high leopard print heels.

So sassy.

They’re now sold out, but how about these cuties from River Island?



So appaz becoming a home owner means that people bring me flowers on a regular basis.

How flippin’ lovely is that?

Two bunches of cute pastel coloured flowers on Tuesday and a bunch of white lillies on Friday. When the flowers do eventually stop rolling in I have made a promise to buy myself flowers for the home on a weekly basis.

It brightens everything up big time and makes it all seem so fresh.



I watched this on Tuesday and oh wow if you’re into blogging and digital online platforms then then this is a must see. In fact, if you are remotely online at all (FB/Insta/Twitter) then check it out.

I was amazed at the phenomenon that is ‘vlogging’. Essentially filming yourself doing make up/talking about new clothes/going to the gym/doing bugger all. Fo’ real, millions of people tune in to watch this stuff.

Millions are becoming insanely addicted to watching these videos and in turn, becoming super fans of the people making them.

As a blogger myself, I find it incredibly interesting to try and understand exactly what it is that drives audiences.

To vlog or not to vlog, that is the question?

Check out  the programme here and get a taste for vlogging by tuning into my friend’s new vlog on ‘first time house buying’ here. It’s cool. Promise.



Um hello new favourite recipe.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m an avid fan of eggs. So when I find something new to do with them I’m all over that.

This was a recommended recipe so yeah, ta for that. It tastes ace.

Basically, you roast a halved pepper in the oven for 10 mins, then add a mix of spinach, sundried tomatoes and harrisa paste. Top each half with a raw egg and stick it back in the oven to bake for 15-20 mins.

Voila. Egg heaven.

I’ve got a post coming up next week featuring a host of healthy mid week meals, so be sure to check in them for some top ideas.


I stopped wearing proper bras about 2 years ago because LOL nobody has time for that discomfort.

I swapped to bralets and I’m never going back, I tell ya.

I know they don’t work for everyone. Ladies with chests that size of Mount Everest might find these a little useless. I know you guys find bra shopping a little more challenging, to say the least.

Anywho, I picked up these pretty lace bralets from H&M this week for £12.99 for the pair. Bargain.

Shop them here.


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  1. Lyn Ewers
    8th February 2016 / 2:03 pm

    Brilliant XX❤️❤️