This weeks focus has been like OMFG OMFG my brothers getting married.

But I had to stay uncharacteristically calm in case of a stress/excitement coldsore outburst which would have been a flippin’ disaster. If you’re a sufferer, you get me yeah? It’s the worst.

So I spent the week distracting myself. Shopping, naturally. Making lots of food, naturally. Finishing off an exciting photography project, naturally.

So here’s the things that have been making my heart go WOOP this week. I’m recovering from a wedding last night, eating myself into snoozy food coma so stay with me here and gimme a bit of slack this week lols:


FOLKS, it’s happened. I finally got my hands on a pinafore that fits this short, stumpy body of mine.

Point for the dwarves of the world. Score.

I’ve been wanting one for so long ’cause they make such a versatile piece to have in the wardrobe. You can change it up with different tops/shirts/crops underneath and switch from day to night by swapping converse for boots.

It’s a must have wardrobe essential but I’ve been struggling to get my hands on one that hugs me in the right places.

H&M never fails me though. And just an FYI, no I don’t get paid a penny to shout about them as much as I do. But I can’t help myself because they are getting it so right lately.

You can pick yourself one of these babies up for £24.99. Just in case you were also hounding after a pinafore as much as me.

H&M Black Button Down Pinafore (24.99)


Countryside Estates in Rayleigh sold Maxwell & I our beaut bungalow of love. And we are forever thankful for their help in our quest to find our humble abode.

And it was through this blog that they approached me to do some photography for them. See, some of the hours slogging over this thing are worthwhile. Sometimes.

I’ve had the best time working towards their brief and helping them find a fresh image to showcase their services. And I just wanted to share a few snaps with you from their new campaign ’cause I had a hella lot of fun working on it.

Oh, and go give ’em a like over on FB here. Then you’ll catch the whole range of photography over the next few months.

And who knows, maybe they can hook you up with your perfect forever home too.



FotorCreated v3




You know me, I love to support a local, independent shop. I’m a sucker for a cutesy boutique.

And when I realised I didn’t have a clutch bag for the wedding (because I had other bridesmaidy things to worry about, like eyebrows) I had to pop out somewhere local to grab something.

The Lovely Shop in Burnham-on-Crouch (Essex) is exactly what it says on the tin.


I scooped up this adorable purse clutch last minute which was the perfect accompaniment to my dove grey dress for the evening reception.

Elegant right? Apparently that’s what bridesmaids require. Watermelon shaped bags are frowned up. So I was glad that The Lovely Shop could sort me out.

My Mum also picked up some mega cute jewellery from there too ad I’ve spied some rings on their FB page here that I’m gonna go hunt out at some point.

So, if you find yourself in that neck of the woods, pop in and give them a visit. Support small business and find something unique.




I spent a few blissful hours on Friday with the bride-to-be and her clan of mischievous bridesmaids at Bonar House in Hadleigh, Essex.

It’s fair to say my nails on both hands and feet needed a bit of attention. After having a low key nude shellac applied, we lounged around eating a scrummy buffet, sipping prosecco and doing a lotta squealing about the wedding that was almost upon us.

We practised our grand entrance for the ceremony (who knew walking slowly and looking pretty was so darn hard?) and discussed the all important details of the make-up and hair schedule for the following day.

Weddings are a military operation, don’t you know.

Thanks Bonar House Clinic for looking after our Bridal Party so well. We had a perfect pre-wedding prep with you.



Now maybe I’m biased because the two particular people getting married are very special to me. But my brother’s wedding last night was the most on fleek wedding I have ever been to.

It was near on perfection for two very perfect people.

I’m talking barn venue, glitter topped doughnuts, a stunning Columbian bride, white flowers, dove grey accent colour, polaroid camera snaps and a hella lotta dancing.

All speeches were a double over laughing kinda affair (who knew my bro had it in him?) and there was this killer warm chocolate brownie for dessert that basically made my day.

There was also a bit of dodgy live music for the first dance (ahem, me) but that’s another story.

Their wedding was prettier than your average wedding pinterest board and seriously Instagram worthy.

I had an ace time, along with 150 odd other guests who came together to celebrate their special day.

Congrats guys. You did it.

Cue insane amount of photos.



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