I have a sunburnt forehead and I’ve OD-ed on BBQ food. All signs of a flippin’ ace weekend.

I’ve just returned back from Suffolk and I’d kinda put this post on the back burner ’cause I’m cream crackered – but no. I won’t let this one slide. And besides, there’s many a things that have been making my week marvellous.

Here’s my top 5 smiles from this week:


I’ve always wanted one of these cuties. I envisaged picnicking on sunny days by the river, the hamper full to the brim with cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, ginger beer and strawberries. In my head I’m basically a member of The Famous Five. I read a lot as a child. Lols.

The truth of the matter is it’s more likely to be peanut butter and crisp sandwiches for Max and GF oatcakes and tuna for me in our beaut new hamper. Not quite such an idealistic lunch, but the hamper still maintains it’s absolute charm.

It means that I will make time this summer to lay in a field upon a blanket staring at blue skies.

A wonderful present this week which has bought me super duper smiles. It’s maiden voyage was a goodun – champagne, cheese and Pringles on the beach. That’s how we roll.


I’m still having nostalgic day dreams of Budapest and it’s bohemian charm. So I had the biggest grin this week when Maxwell returned home from work with this old-school bike in his boot. He’s such a babe it hurts.

Got us a bike. We can hang it on a trellis with flowers and lights, like in Budapest.’

My heart explodes. This boy’s got style and the energy to see ideas through.

So yeah, now we just gotta get a trellis and smarten the bike up a bit. Give it a basket and fill it with pretty coloured flowers. Voila.

I know what you’re thinking; ‘It’s a pile of junk’.¬†

Watch this space guys, lemme show you what can be done with a pile of junk.



As I was saying in the opening paragraphs, we’ve just returned home from a ¬†camping trip in Suffolk with my family. It makes the weekly faves for obvious reasons; because hanging out with family on the beach is always gonna be kick ass.

The trip was a Christmas gift from my parents, for us all to come together for a weekend camping trip and just, y’know, hang out. You can’t get a better gift really.

Picture this; 5 dogs, 12 adults, one adorable toddler in a yellow gillet.

We stayed in these dreamy camping cabins a stone throw away from the beach. We spent the entire weekend eating, drinking and chasing dogs and one brightly coloured toddler around. Oh and laughing. There was a helluva lotta laughing.

Watch out for a detailed post next week with the full deets.




Appaz I’m a surfer chick now. I’m growing a head of dreads and getting my nose pierced.


But I did try my hand at paddle boarding this weekend. New hobby alert people.

SUP boarding (stand up paddle boarding) is exactly what it says on the tin. One big board, a paddle and the open water. It’s real good for the core muscles and all round toning and it’s not rocket science to get the hang of.

Perhaps the open sea was maybe a tad challenging for my first time (I’m expecting bruises, uh huh), but I’m gonna find a calm river for my next go. Wait for a balmy evening and go be at one with the water. Like a mermaid. Obvs.

In fact, I think I’m gonna take some lessons this summer so watch this space for a full review.



AH hello pretty town.

We made a quick pit stop in Aldeburgh on the way home to see what all the fuss was about. Lemme tell you; the pretty coloured houses, boutique shops and buzzing bandstand didn’t disappoint.

There was some cool festival going on so the town was buzzing and the famous chip shop queue was out the door crazy.

It’s everything you’d expect from a coastal town and then some. And omg the dogs. All the dogs.

A great place to pull into for a stroll, lunch and a wander.

On a side note:- I wanna know what permits a town to start painting it’s houses pastel colours. If I painted our bungalow pastel blue, would the street follow suit? Before long, would Rayleigh be known as the town with pretty pastel houses?

Who knows, but I’d sure as hell like to give it a whirl.


That’s our UK coastal trip for the weekend done. I’m full of fresh air, BBQ food & fresh optimisim for the working week.

Happy Sunday all.