By the time you read this, I’ll be at Stanstead airport raiding the duty free of all its perfumes and hopefully sipping on bubbles.

Or, if you’re not an early riser, then I’ll be guzzling a cool beer in either Buda or Pest. Uh huh.

I’ve just woken up from the longest cat nap and I really must pack.

But first, here’s all the things full of happiness and smiles this week. Here’s my favourites:


Thai food is my vice.

Sunday night’s usually consist of thoughts like this: ¬†‘gimme all the masaman curry and pass me that box of pad Thai and crackers, alllll the crackers.’

We popped to Busaba on Monday for some Thai delights, one of our fave haunts to scoff some crackers and beer. There’s a chain of these restaurants across London and if you ever happen to pass one, go on give it a try.

It smells like joss sticks and you sit on these giant tables with lots of other strangers. Novel. Lols.

I had the Chicken Laksa Noodle Soup and a bowl of Thai calamari. And yes, I managed to flick the majority of the soup down my white Topshop blouse, but blinkin’ heck it was worth it.

Nothing else much to say on the subject. Just Thai food makes my belly happy. So here it is, featuring in the favourites this week.

Busaba Stratford




As an ultimate treat after the Moonwalk, I did something that most people would wince at after walking 26.2 miles.

Despite the hobbling and the pain in my right knee, I made the decision to jump on a train to Westfield Stratford for the retail therapy I’ve been craving for so long. The things I’ll do for a new pair of sunnies.

I floated around Westfield and hit all my fave joints in a leisurely mannor (Zara, H&M, New Look, you little hunnies). And yup, I dropped some dollar like a pro shopper.

I love doing that before a holiday and then not even having to worry about packing. Like let’s just tip my shopping bag contents straight into the case. Bish bash bosh. Done. Get me on the plane.

Here’s a sneak peak. Full outfit details coming up next week in the form of a Budapest City Break post. When I’m back, obvs. Beer bloated and rosey skinned.





Today my faith in humans was restored when a close friend knocked upon my door and put a big ol’ smile on my face.

It’s been a tough week, for a number of reasons.

One of those being that my  beloved Cannon DSLR has packed in leaving me with no camera for Budapest.

Since this fateful moment, I’ve done a lotta wallowing about and a lotta ‘well maybe I’ll just give up blogging ’cause I can’t carry on without a camera wah wah wah’. Yeah, dramatic I know. Like I said, number of reasons for morphing into major stress bunny this week.

To try and resolve this, I searched high and low for an Olympus Pen or Fujifilm x-a2 to replace it. And guess what? Sold out as far as timbuktoo.

So when a good pal of mine knocked on the door this morning with a wee present I couldn’t have been happier. It consisted of a pack of adorable flamingo notepads, a novelty flamingo pen and her own compact camera to borrow. What a babe.

Oh and the best card ever. Check the header photo.

So I won’t give up blogging. I’m gonna go write draft posts in the sun in Budapest using my brand new flamingo notepad whilst sitting by my rooftop pool. And then I’m gonna get my shit together.

Guess what, the world is a lovely place full of lovely people.

And everyone needs a flamingo notepad & pen in their life. And everyone needs a little lift sometimes.



Saturday night. Fancy dress party.

Not usually my kinda bag but hey, could be a giggle.

I’d spent quite some time in the office discussing the best couple fancy dress ideas. We’d whittled it down to Pulp Fiction (John Travolta & Uma Therman). Y’know, keeping it simple & cool.

All I needed was a black bob wig and a white shirt that showed some killer black bra cleavage.

I then made the error of leaving Maxwell to pick up the wigs & accessories from the local fancy dress shop.

He returned with the biggest grin on his face like a kid that had just returned from the candy shop.

So now, instead of oozing ultimate cool in a crisp white shirt with a cigarette hanging out my mouth, I shall be chanelling magical mermaid with a swashbuckling pirate by my side.

TBF, I actually do feel kinda fabulous in it.

Footwears an issue though. What the flip do you where on your feet with a mermaid tail?





You have no idea how much I need to stretch my legs around a city, feel the sun on my cheeks and empty my head.

I’m so freakin’ excited to explore Budapest.

I’m searching for outside, ruined bars, ornate buildings with ceilings that make me go ‘ahh‘ and thermal baths and outside pools.

I’ve been trawling though my Budapest guide book like I’m revising for a SATs exam.

I have this thing where I like to make full itinarys trips. I’m an events planner, it’s in my nature, don’t shoot me. Max has this thing where he likes to make no plans and see where the trip takes us. It’s a tricky one.

Where do you fall? Are you a organised fun planner? Or do you like to go with the flow?

Oh and I know I said it before but hit me up with recommendations pwetty please.

See ya in a few days beautiful people. Oh and if you can’t wait for my Budapest post next week, how about following me on Instagram for daily updates?

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