I know, this ‘ favourites ‘ post is late again.

Unfortunately, I was in no fit state to write a post yesterday. I could be found under a blanket, catching up on z’s and recovering from one heck of a hangover.

But better late then never eh?

This week is made up of lots of little things that make the world a shiny place.



Cute AF.

I picked up this wee purse from Blume in Rayleigh. It was an impulse buy. I mean what the flip can I even put in this? Suggestions welcome.

They had a whole range of flamingo print purses and bags in varying sizes and obvs I want them all.

I also spied a similar range in pineapple print. And we all know how I feel about that. 



I rarely go to the cinema ’cause I can’t bear to pay the extortionate price of a ticket. I could think of far better ways to spend £10 and just wait for the film to come out on Netflix. No brainer.

But sometimes it’s fun to do the whole cinema experience (ALL THE SNACKS AND COMFY SEATS) which is just what me and Max did on Tuesday evening.

The Jungle Book was ace. It had all the references to the old film with brilliant use of CGI. Baloo was actually a proper bear and King Louis was a darker version of the original cartoon. It was close enough to the old film to feel true to it, but far enough away to feel like you were watching something new and exciting.

And it was super fun trying to guess all the famous voices.

I’d recommend.


When you feel deflated, the one way to guarantee instant cheer up is new nail polish.

I usually go for Maybelline Super Stay, but I’ve exhausted all the colours I like from that range. So I decided to try out the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish which had some really dreamy shades.

The one I picked up is called ‘Love Lillac’ and has a really nice shimmer to it. Just as easy to apply as the Super Stay range.

Instant smiles all round.  



The only way to do a site visit debrief and Events Team catch up is outside in the sunshine with a smoothie in hand right?

Pass me the ‘line manager of the year award’ will ya?

Lols, hope you ladies are reading this and FYI totes joking.

Anyway, it was good to visit my all time fave smootie establishment in Southend-on-Sea. I ordered a Peaches N Green with a shot of spiralina. So filling and so tasty.

It’s day’s like this that I think ‘yeah, lifes not all too bad’. 

If you’re local, check this place out and OH order the GF cheesecake. Glorious.


Hands up, who got burnt this weekend? ME ME ME.

I managed to roll myself out into the sun yesterday in my fragile state. Shoulders are verging on lobster and I have too many nat bites to count. Yay for sunshine and balmy evenings. So worthy of a favourites mention.

Went to my first BBQ of the year on Saturday to celebrate a friends birthday. There was food, good company, cider & buckaroo. What a perfect combination.

I don’t actually have anything else to say about this apart from please please please stick around sun. We loves ya.


Picture this.

It’s Sunday.  8.30am.  I rolled in at 3am the night before, after a whole afternoon/evening of drinking and a trip to the local sticky-floored club.

I have to go for a 10 mile training walk. Woe me.

With the Moonwalk just one week away (this Saturday) it was kinda important not to miss this one.

Despite waves of nausea and eyes as puffy as the Michelin man, I walked 10 miles on Sunday morning. Not sure quite how I managed it, but I felt pretty darn fabulous when I finished.

Please please please, if you’re feeling generous, sponsor me using the link below. It would mean ever such a lot.


Roll on the Moonwalk London on Saturday. #TeamDiscoDiva


If you read my last post here, then you’ll know that Maxwell & I have just booked to go to Budapest in two weeks time. CUE ALL THE CELEBRATORY EMOJIS.

We haven’t been on a proper holiday for what seems like forever and a day, so we’re particularly excited about this one.

We managed to get such a sweet deal too. We originally found the trip as a holiday package, but after doing some looking around we managed to save around £150 by booking our flights through Skyscanner and our hotel through Bookings.com.


So maybe I’ll have some spare pennies for another cheeky trip this year.

Keep your eyes peeled for all Budapest and city break related posts coming your way. Soz not soz.  

Hope you all have a fabulous week full of sparkle and glitter and ice cream.

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