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Hola people. Thanks for checking into this weeks episode of weekly favourites roundup.

Currently curled up on the sofa under a blanket with my very own mini laptop. Tap tap typing away. Now most of you probably won’t know the significance of this, but basically I’ve been without a desktop/laptop ever since I moved out my parents before Christmas.

I know right, how have I been functioning?

So blog writing has been limited to my iphone (yep, you read that right) and my lunch hour at work.

SO yippee to my Dad donating me his old mini Samsung laptop. Top work.

Okay so I have the fullest belly of food from eating at Acanteen in Chelmsford, Essex but I’m gonna do my best to do this write up this weeks favourites without snoozing.

Here goes…


You know when you’ve had a week that makes you feel you’ve been dragged through the high seas and back? YAH, that’s how my week went down. So it was with much happiness that I checked in with some of my gal pals this week and let my hair down a wee bit.

I went to school with these ladies and I have fond memories of chit chat and mega lols in form time and itchy red jumpers.

Being adult can sometimes get in the way of catching up often, but when we do it’s like nothing has changed. And that’s the epitome of good friends.

It’s fab to kick back and gossip and dance badly and drink too much oops. And I especially like talking all things ASOS with Lianne (who works there and wears all the cool stuff so go follow her on Insta now).

If you’ve got buddies that you haven’t seen in yonks, pick up that mobile right now and drop them a text. HEY MISS YOU LETS MEET UP KAY BYE.

Weekly Favourite


P.S I have serious skirt envy. Where is the burgundy number from Leanne? Int she cute eh.


I know what you’re thinking.

‘Such a basic blogger right there’ *mega eye rolls*

But I love Paperchase and all their quirky stuff. I lust over their card designs because who the hell wants to send boring basic cards to people these days? Not me.

I also love their dinosaur pens but I’m a little stretched for cash right now so I satisfied my Paperchase itch with some postards instead.

Cute and motivational.

Weekly Favourite

Weekly favourite



Trying to bring you some health inspo here again because I get the feeling that you guys like that right?

And besides, this has to be shared because oh dear god this salad was so completely delicious.

Ham and peas are a match made in heaven. And not in the ‘ham and pea soup’ variety. I’m talking ham and pea fresh salad uh huh.

Now, before this week I fell into the category of people that have never roasted a ham joint before. Is this basic cookery knowledge? I dunno, but anywho the point I’m trying to make is you should all go roast a ham. Like right now.

Boil the ham for however long it says on the packaging, minus 30 mins, in cider with celery, bay leaves & any other veg you can find.

Then smoother it in a mixture of honey and mustard and roast in the oven for 30 mins. And this, my friends, was lush with a capital L.

If you wanna then turn this into the super duper salad below, then there’s a link here to the full recipe.

Enjoy people. And eat happy.





On Wednesday I found myself on the train to London, which is slightly out of the ordinary. I sat on the train (coffeeless, because I was running mega late to the station boo) and pondered on the activity of the day.

I was on my way to Westminster College to give a presentation entitled ‘Event Masterclass‘.

Mega lols.

Now as silly and adulty as this presentation sounds, it was proper nice to reflect back on some of the stuff I’ve achieved at work in the past year and a half and go ‘yeah, I did that.’

And people were actually interested. They nodded along and listened to me rambling on about Scouting for Girls and fencing and V Festival and how to plan a silent disco. Mental.

Working in Events is the variety of life. Read more about this in a post here from last year.



Some of you may have seen my little skip and jump for joy about H&Ms Spring Collection on Instagram this week.

I snapped myself up two pieces that I’m now dying to wear out. The first is this cutsy multi-coloured pom pom cami with a peplum. I’m not sure how it’s gonna fare in the washing machine but it’s sure as hell gonna look dead cute with jeans and tan sandals in the summer. I can almost smell the BBQ food.

The second piece is my fave. This blue H&M Conscious bare shouldered cami is simplistic and pretty. And it’s all mine.

Best thing? It cost me £7.99. Uh huh, no joke.

They had some great ‘global traveller’ looks in there too, lots of tassels and vibrant colours. Pay day can’t come any sooner.

Get your butts into H&M people.

Off-the-shoulder blouse (£7.99)

Peplum strappy top (£19.99)

Weekly favourite







My netball team basically aced Winter League this year, undefeated.  I am so incredibly proud of where we’re at right now and where we’ve come from.

We were what’s known as a ‘Back-to-Netball’ team two years ago, a brand new club with little experience. A whole range of ladies coming together with the hope of getting fit, but with pretty limited knowledge of the netball game.  Heck, we barely knew the meaning of ‘I’m here if you need…‘ and ‘REBOUND‘ .

Two years down the line with snazzy kits and a tried and tested team, we are now going up in the league and pulling ourselves out of the bottom division.

I know I’ve said this before in this post here, but netball is a great way to keep fit. So if you fancy a run around every week find a local ‘Back-to-Netball’ club and get your bums down there. You never know where it might take you.

And if you can’t find one, make one. That’s what we did.

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