Cue mini violin.

Game of Thrones Season 6 has finished leaving a hole in my heart as huge as a Dothraki’s bicep. My Monday evenings are stretching out as long as ‘the wall‘. I’m as lost as Jamie Lanisters right hand. Okay, I need to stop.

The bottom line is; What’s a gal to do without a bit of Game of Thrones in her life?

Sure, the constant killing off of characters every week was draining but it was better to be with GoT than without it. I need my weekly injection of Arya Stark to help me kick ass all week and remind me that small females can do big things. Sigh.

Anyone else feeling a tad lost on a Monday evening? Okay, well here’s some things that could be a temporary Monday night fix until the new season starts:


Try a different TV Series. I know, like anything can possibly compare with the complexities of GoT, it’s captivating story lines, star studded cast and all that full frontal nudity. Blush blush. But there are a few TV series that could keep you going whilst you wait for the real deal. I’ve heard Rome is really good on story lines and has some great acting and there’s always a bit of The Tudors if you’re looking for politics and obvs those saucy scenes. Again, blush  blush. No dragons in either of these but I’m just highlighting the fact that there are other historical dramas out there. It doesn’t make you a traitor to test the waters.




Spend your Monday nights googling ’20 things you didn’t know about Game of Thrones’. If you’re a true fan, then you musta done this by now. And if you haven’t, then maybe you need to re-evaluate how much of a fan you are. I mean every Game of Thrones junkie should know that 9 characters of GoT have also appeared in Harry Potter and that Ramsey Snow almost played Jon Snow (thank God that never happened ’cause Kit Harington, you absolute babe) If your twiddling your thumbs tonight, how about checking out my fave factoid lists here & here


Visit the Game of Thrones sets. This will probably take up more allocated time than a Monday night but heck, skip work for the rest of the week. I’m sure no one would notice. Leave a note on your desk that reads ‘Gone to Northern Island and Belfast to soak up the GoT atmosphere. BRB’. Check out this fab list by The Telegraph where you can map the film locations and get your explorer hat on.


Follow Maisie Williams on Instagram. If you think Arya Stark is a cool cat on screen, then you need to check out Maisie Williams off screen. I still have girl envy and she doesn’t even brandish a sword in real life. Oh and she also gets mega style points from me ’cause she likes to dye her hair blue and wear cat dungarees.



Read the books…Um duh. I’m stating the obvious here but how about spending your Monday evening on the sofa reading all 7 ‘A Game of Thrones‘ books. By the time you’ve finished, the new series will probably be out. Pretty wordy & pretty lengthy, these books are not for the faint hearted. As an avid reader myself, I did try and get my teeth into them but oh wow they were challenging unless you’re a complete fantasy nut. You can pick up the full set of books from Waterstones here.  And whether you get round to reading them or not, they look pretty snazzy on the book shelf. I can vouch for that.


Take up fencing. Because what an ultra cool skill to have. Plus it gets you off your back side doing something super active. It’ll get you fit and you’ll be as badass as Syrio Forel in no time. And what a fantastic skill to add to your CV. ‘My interests include cycling, reading & being a fencing master.’ 


Write love letters to Kit Harrington. Is this creepy? Maybe. Scrap that.


Watch Jon Snow go to dinner with Seth Meyers. Mega lols for any Game of Thrones fan. Winter is coming, dontcha know. Like fo’ real this time. Kit Harrington is super good in this spoof YouTube vid. Check out the video here. 


So there you go. Hope you’re not sitting at home right now crying at your TV.

Remember, we are the lucky ones. The TV show is banned in Turkey. What a drag.

Happy Monday night folks.