Do’ya know what makes the home yucky? Cooking mackerel (although FYI mackerel salad is a babin’ dish that you should all try for midweek meals, just open up some windows okay). And do’ya know what makes the home a happier place?


Allllll the prints.

Cover your walls with them. Prop them up on shelves or against white walls like an Instagramma wannabe (ahem, wannabe over here). Go buy a multitude of different sized frames from Ikea and fill ’em up until your hearts content.

They just have a way of making the home feel a bit more finished. A bit more like a snazzy, purple shirt wearing interior designer has come into the home and worked their magic, spattering the walls with bold graphic designs and dallying out Moroccan style scatter cushions as they go.

Prints aren’t a practical item (like they’re not a hoover, for example, although we bloody need a new hoover so perhaps I shoulda spent out on that huh). They’re art, basically. They’re purpose is to look pretty or be inspiring or pull a rooms colour scheme together. And I, for one, am all over that.

I think for me, prints are a bit like tattoos. I find a quote or an image I like but instead of plastering it all over my body, I plaster it on the walls. At least that way when I’m over it I can switch it out for something else.

I’m into quotes that are either deeply meaningful or super silly. Bold graphic designs of doughnuts/ice creams/cacti/pineapples. Images of plant life (cacti/palms/succulents obvs). Typography. That’s my bag RN.

I’m basically just like any other 20-something that spends too much time scrolling on IG.

So within the space of two weeks, I’ve managed to add three more prints to my collection at home. Like I said, probably should have bought a new hoover, but it kinda just happened soz not soz. Two of them come as a pair; they’re all nature focused and are now hanging proudly in our lounge which finally feels finished. They’re from Desenio btw, allllll the discounts over there.

The third new print in my collection is a monochrome quote affair that says ‘love is all you need‘. When I bought it, the guy was like ‘and money right?’  Yup, classic.

Top top; if you do decide to hang your prints, be ready for all the super adult tantrums. Hanging prints straight is a flippin’ carcrash nightmare. Have the beer to hand for the hubby, or a giant slice of cake for yourself if you’re the one attempting to hammer holes into the wall.

Okay so here’s a list of my favourites right now Oh and I have no idea why it’s so pink focused, that wasn’t deliberate.


Prints 1-1



  1. More Issues Than Vogue | Desenio
  2. Pineapple Poster | Etsy
  3. Haters Gonna Hate | Etsy
  4. Don’t Be A Prick | Etsy
  5. Don’t Grow Up, It’s A Trap | Desenio
  6. Frida Khalo | Etsy
  7. Dumbledore Quote | Etsy
  8. Flamingo Print | Etsy
  9. Can’t Touch This | Etsy
  10. Punch Today In The Face | Etsy


It’s practically pay day. Go on, treat yo’ self.





  1. 27th April 2017 / 7:22 pm

    Your home looks amazing, and i always love your interior posts!

    claire | rose-tinted.com

    • 4th May 2017 / 5:05 pm

      Thanks Claire, means a lot 😘😘😘