Folks, we’re at the airport. I’ve inhaled a Wagamammas and drunk one of the best Porn Star Martinis of all time.

And yes, I’ve bashed out a blog post for you ’cause thought you guys might wanna know how to pack for a kayak trip on your Tueaday. That’s standard Tuesday thoughts, right?

So remember we did that wild thing and booked that last minute trip a few weeks ago? Yah, we leave today. Like in 30 mins.

Planning for this holiday has been like no other. No, I haven’t been to New Look/H&M/Topshop bulk buying pretty summer dresses. Nah ah. I’ve been meticulously planning how I can take as little as possible and not look like a homeless person.

Intrigued? Read on.

Today we fly to Sardinia. Tomorrow we join Go Sea Kayak who will provide us with two kayaks and a tent. We will then spend two days and two nights paddling around the offshore islands and camping where we please.

Yeah, it’s not your conventional holiday. It’s not a ‘how’s-your-Monday?‘ hot dog legs holiday or a ‘LETS GET CRAY IN IBIZA‘ trip.

It’s more of a ‘let’s go on an adventure’ kinda thang. And we can’t wait.

However, packing for this trip has been tricky. Everything we take on that plane must fit in a kayak and has a chance of getting wet.

Here’s how I’m packing for a kayak trip:



That’s how. I’ve fitted everything into a hold-all, all packaged up into these little things called ‘dry bags’. Which are exactly what they say on the tin.

Bags that (FINGERS CROSSED) will stop water getting in.

I don’t wanna weigh my kayak down with any unnecessary weight, so I’ve taken as little as possible. In fact, my sleeping bag takes up the most room in my bag.


So I will be spending the majority of my holiday in swimwear, so I needed to make sure it was the most fabulous swimwear I could find, obvs.

I picked up this ‘part time mermaid’ bikini in the sale at New Look. The top is actually aged 14-15 and is still a tad big. All I’ve got to say to that is ‘where the flip are the breasts I’m supposed to have by age 24?’ 

Anywho, I feel it’s quite fitting for someone that’s gonna be on the water for the next few days.

I tried to get a slogan swimsuit from boohoo but even my undeveloped boobs kept falling out.


So people keep going ‘why don’t you start a vlog?’ 

And I say, because I hate the sound of my own voice and seeing my wonky jaw in all its glory.

But, appaz vlogging is where it’s at so I’m gonna attempt to do down filming whilst I’m away. Put a little summin’ summin’ together.

I have two go pros with me. Excessive? Maybe.

If anyone knows of any apps to edit video from the iPhone, EASILY, hit me up.


Okay so thank god caps are in at the moment. Lol. I mean, I have serious pea head vibes in a cap but at least I can say I’m just following fashion.

I have to wear one cause nobody wants a burnt scalp. Nah ah.

This baby is strapped to my giant hold-all right now. Which FYI weighs a ton. So much for packing light.


I’m a surfer babe, what can I say.

I picked up a new Oneil rash vest on Saturday. It’s got pretty patterns and its UV protected. I’m so bloody adult, looking after my skin like a pro.

In case your wondering what this is even for, it’s gonna stop my life jacket getting too friendly with my skin. Y’know, making it a bit sore.

It’ll probably also give me some cracking tan lines.


Wanna know something cray cray?

I’ve left my make up bag at home. Yup, I’m au natural for the next few days.

I’ve got some BB cream with me and that’s it.

I’m hoping it’s gonna do wonders for my skin and I’ll come back glowier than a unicorn.

It’s me, a pack of wet wipes, some dry wash and my bb cream. And some dry shampoo.

Gonna be a great look for my first vlog. Lols.


I’m obsessed with reading about the Krays at the moment.

So in between paddling, I’m hoping to lay on the shore and read my way through their autobiography.

Summer holidays + reading about gangsters is way normal and I won’t let anyone else tell me otherwise


The guy that just looked over my shoulder  and told me I’m missing the most important thing from my list. Doh.

Wouldn’t be going anywhere without this one.

Adventures are a thing to be shared.

I’m downing a pret coffee and my flights just been called.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous Tuesday.

See you on the other side gorgeous people.