I’ve finally cracked.

Enough is enough.

Apparently I’m not a machine and everyone needs a break sometimes. Who’d have known it?

I crawled home from work one evening and said to Max, quite sternly,‘we need to go away. Pronto.’

After much deliberation over when we could actually take some time off together with our busy work schedules and after trawling through hundreds of hotel and flight options, we finally did it.

Budapest. End of May. Done deal.

So my days will now filled with endless day dreaming about strolling through pretty streets, being a basic bitch tourist and, of course, my city break wardrobe.

City Break wardrobe essentials require careful planning because:-

1. You only get a carry on case which leaves minimal room for mistakes. You have to pack your outfits down to a T to avoid wardrobe malfunctions when you’re away (ie. ‘Why the flip did I pack a backless cami but no strapless bras? Loose & free it is then‘)

2. Everyone wants to look fabulous AF in the city. Period.

I’ve been doing some online perusing (as per) and here’s some wee things that have made my top 20 wish list for Budapest 2016.

I’m all over midi dresses and skirts ATM and I kinda wanna get on board the neck tie trend (could I? Would I possibly dare?!). The Topshop jumpsuit of wonder has been in and out of my online basket more times than I care to mention and has anyone spotted the holographic trainers? For all the city walking imma be doing. Uh huh.

Oh and the chill pill bag. So novel and yet so cute. Reminding me what holibobs are for.

So yeah check it out. What essentials do you guys pack for a city break? Tell, tell.


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1. Palm Print Jumpsuit – Topshop 

2.Yellow Frill Trim Bardot Top – New Look (£8.99)

3. Suede Cross Body Bag with Snake Skin Strap – ASOS (£28.00)

4. Short Crossover Jumpsuit – Zara 

5. Frilled Blouse – H&M (29.99)

6. Metal Round Sunglasses with Flat Lense – ASOS (12.99)

7. Pleated Midi Skirt – Topshop 

8. Natural Fedora – Topshop (£20.00)

9. Pom Pom Party Earrings – ASOS

10. Essie Nail Polish (Fashion Playground) – Essie 

11. Adidas Originals Superstar Holographic Trainers – Asos (£67.00)

12. Stripe Frill Midi Dress – New Look (£22.99)

14. Watermelon Espadrilles – Rad 

15. Summer Glow Swim Suit – Topshop (£26.00)

16. Chill Pill Cross Body Bag by Skinnydrip – Topshop (£32.00)

17. Watch – H&M (£14.99)

18. Red Paisley Print Bandana – New Look (£3.99)

19. Lace up tassel sandals – ASOS

Anyone been to Budapest before? Hit me up with some recommendations pretty please.

P.S. May have just made some purchases. Oops.

Have a great weekend everyone.