Just got in from a feisty netball match where I played a team of fierce little whippersnappers.

Needless to say we lost. They were 13 years old. I mean wtf, thats like half my age.

I swear to god my feet are falling off. I’m not even over exaggerating.

Moving on swiftly, this week I’m talking about my ultimate accessories. The ones that are getting all the wear right now. The ones which make all my outfits just that bit more zingy.

Yup, just described an outfit combo as zingy.

Okay, so here’s a little musing for you; Accessories are like the toppings on a cupcake.

Good toppings can elevate the humble sponge to great heights; chocolate frosting piped in an elaborate fashion makes the cake look delicious and professional. Whereas a clumsy scatter of 99p sprinkles is slightly less desirable.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’d still eat both cakes. I’m a cake monster.

The point I’m trying to make is that you might put an ace outfit together but unless it’s got those finishing accessories that make it pop, it’s just the ‘humble sponge’ y’know?



So many compliments on these bad boys in the past few weeks. I picked them up at a bargain price from Freeport Braintree a few weeks ago (read here) and they are now my go-to off duty footwear.

I don’t know about anyone else but trainers are such a crucial part of my wardrobe. Statement trainers are the ultimate accessory. Don’t the experts say that you should always choose your footwear first and then work your way up with any outfit?

It’s worked out super well ’cause the beige goes delightfully with my Primark mac. Such an easy combination to throw on; all I’ve got to worry about are the base layers of the outfit.

And yes, the classic Adidas white trainers with the black stripes are super hip and cool and ‘it girl‘ but I love mixing things up with colour. Especial pastels.

Shop the look

These Adidas Original Red Suede Trainer would make a statement and I’m kinda falling head over heels for these Nike Classic Trainers in holographic grey. 







Autumn is slowly (yes, very slowly) making it’s way into town and the fedora is making a huge comeback in my repetoire of clothing.

My sassy barometer soars sky high when I’m wearing one of these.

Get one. In every colour. Now.

Shop the look 

This Wool Felt Fedora in grey is cool with a capital C and yippee it’s in the sale, people. Which means it’s getting in my online shopping basket come payday.

And I guess if I had all the dollar in the world to spend on giant hats, I’d be purchasing this Ted Baker Fedora in red and black. Hubba hubba.



Okay, so this dusty pink H&M bag is pretty humble. But for some reason, people compliment me on it a lot.

I think it’s colour is proper nice and people are drawn to the simplicity of it. It’s a pop of sophisticated colour rather than a loud ‘HEY LOOK AT ME’

Anyway, a coloured bag is the ultimate accessory. Black bags are great and classy and good for certain B/W outfit combos, but I’m a huge fan of a colour statement bag.

If you can get your hands on a sequin one, all the better.

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If you’re looking for something understated like me then this khaki number could be your new gal pal. Or this velvet cutie is massively in for this season.






No I’m not a cowboy from a western. I’m a lady that’s up with the trends *all the dancing lady emojis*

Okay, so I did have this fear that wearing a neckerchief would make me lose my neck and people might start calling me chubby chubberston.

But actually, I think I get away with it and you probably would too. It’s about the attitude that goes with it. Wear your neckerchief with confidence ladies.

I want (need) a black and white version to make it a bit more versatile, but I love the red as a statement pop for any outfit.

Shop the look

New Look have got a whole range here and here and here.






Accessories, Acessories, Accessories; the icing on the cake.

Now I gotta go get ready to watch Bake Off this evening (stock up on cake and what not).

Have a great evening all & happy accessory wearing.

Remember, you are not a plain sponge.