[This WEEKLY FAVOURITES ROUNDUP is a tad late. Soz. Was in a boot sale coma last night. But read on and PRETEND it’s Sunday evening]

This blog post is coming atcha from a grotty Greater Abellio train. I’m so cosmopolitan it’s unreal.

I’ve crawled through this week, stopping to top myself up with coffee at various intervals. Anyone else feel like that after the Easter break? It’s painful.

Spring seems to be giving it a good go on making appearances though, so top work on that front. Need me some rays.

Here’s alllllll my faves this week.



I’m a candle fiend. Burn them night and day (yah, I know it’ll stain my walls but I can’t resist the lovely burning scent). 

Put a candle in the shape of a pineapple and I get all excited. Sainsburys you done good.

It’s citronella, the perfect accompaniment for our new garden area which is in the process of being revamped. Summer BBQs come at me. I’m so ready for you.

You can find the Pineapple Citronella candle (£8.00) here. They also had some other megz cute stuff like this Pineapple Tealight Holder (£6.00) and this Tropical Pineapple Platter (£6.00).

See a reoccurring them yet?



Omgomgomg boot sales are possibly my new favourite activity. I haven’t been to one since I was a wee chubby child, and I’ve forgotten about the unique world of boot sale madness.

Picture this. Me and my mum with half the contents of our magical wardrobes packed into the car, pulling up on a field in pitch black.

I am astounded at the stuff people were prepared to buy. And even more flabbergasted at the stuff people weren’t even prepared to pay a quid for.

I spend more than a quid on my morning coffee and you won’t fork out that amount for a dress? Blinkin’ heck mate, that cost me 30 quid brand new and I’ve only worn it once. Pay the pound. Seriously.

We had a grand ol’ time opening up Jade & Pams boutique at Dunton Bootsale. We made £520 profit, not bad for a 4.30am start and half a days work.

I’m returning in a few weeks with the rest of my stock. Someone please come down and buy the mustard River Island floaty, frilly maxi dress or FFS I’ll have to keep it.







*Hotty alert*

Hands up, who’s seen the six-part drama of the year? Me, me, me.

Hands up, who thinks Tom Hiddleston is serious eye candy? Me, me, me.

Hands up, who has a secret gal crush on Olivia Colman? Um me, me, me.

This drama caught me off guard. It’s sexy and exciting and thrilling. If you haven’t seen it, give it a watch on BBC catch up.

Top notch acting all round. Great script. Set locations to lust over.




Because I can’t go anywhere without making purchases. Even when I’m supposed to be selling stuff, rather than buying.

My fedora addiction is fast becoming a worry.

But £2 for this cutie. I know a deal when I see one. (unlike half the people at the boot sale on Sunday)

I also picked up a 1000 piece puzzle for Maxwell. Who said romance is dead.



Some of you may have seen from my FB that I’m working on a wee photography project ATM. (Probs reveal more in next weeks roundup).

Well I needed some pals to feature in some photos for me and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of friends that came back and were like ‘Hit me up with the deets, I’ll help you out’.

Big realisation about all the wonderful people I have surrounding me. What a great support system. You’re all ace.

*clasps hand over heart*

Never underestimate the power of the people around you. Even when you think they’re not there, they are. They’re just lurking around on FB waiting for you to ask for help. Lols.

Here’s a sneaky peak at one of the photos I took last week. Aren’t these guys just the most adorable couple?




Soz about the lateness of the post. Not that you probably noticed but y’know it matters to me.

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